How to safely switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus


Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have started shipping today. Consumers in over 70 countries have started receiving their devices today. A huge number of iPhone users are set to switch to the Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. iPhone users who are now migrating to the Galaxy S10 would want to transfer data safely. This is the guide with the method to safely switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. You will find the safest method to switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 here.

Let ‘s draw a comparison between the iPhone and new Galaxy S10 smartphones before switching.

switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10
Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10

iPhone vs Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus

Apple’s iPhone(s) are arguably the most premium and beautiful devices till date. If there is any Android competitor that gives Apple a run for its money, that is Samsung. Over the past few years, Samsung has managed to come up with the devices that have totally outnumbered the iPhones. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are also such devices.

iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS Max

While Apple has released its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with ugly notch on the front, Samsung has opted for the punch-hole display which looks much more beautiful. Samsung has also added a top-notch display that has never been seen before. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup has impressed the masses. iPhone fans, who have been using iPhone for over a decade, even they have decided to pick up the Galaxy S10 instead.

Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus
Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 handsets come with triple-camera shooters, an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, a dual-camera setup on the front, reverse wireless charging, and a Dynamic AMOLED display with HDR 10+ screen. These are all the features that are nowhere on the iPhone XS and XS Max. To cut it short, Samsung is already years ahead of Apple at the moment.

iOS vs Android

When we try to draw a line between iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone’s, it’s not entirely Apple vs Samsung. It is more about iOS vs Android. A never ending war is still on between these ecosystems.

While iOS comes with its own limitations for the sake of security, Android is the most versatile mobile operating system.

Android has features like lock screen and home screen customization. Android comes with a file system which is compatible with the Windows-powered computers. The Android phones offer status bar customisation and notification panel customisation too. Users can get basic features like contacts search integration with the phone dialer, clipboard for text, direct YouTube forwarding and a lot more on Android. These basic features are absent on the iOS.

For years and years, users have been opting for iOS just for the sake of security, but if you do not intend to root your Android device, you can get the same level of security on your Android phone too. Google has been working hard to make Android secure with the recent Android updates. The latest Android Pie, which is running on almost all the latest Android phones, is the most secure version of Android.

Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus

The reasons I’ve talked about above, are more than enough for an iPhone user to switch to Galaxy S10. Now the hardest part while switching from iPhone to Galaxy S10 is going to be the data migration. We have seen that transferring data from an Android phone to iPhone is nearly impossible, but, fortunately, that’s not the case when it comes to transferring data from iPhone to Android.

Companies like Samsung have developed their applications to move all of the data from the iPhone to their phones. Samsung’s has its application named Smart Switch. The Smart Switch can move each and everything from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. All you have to do is to establish a connection between two phones.

As a new Galaxy S10 owner having iPhone background, this is the guide you need. In a bit, you will find steps to safely switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus. I have used the Samsung Smart Switch for this. Take a look at the steps to shift data from iPhone to Galaxy S10 now.

What can you transfer from iPhone to Samsung S10?

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • App List
  • Call Log/Block List
  • Clock
  • WiFi
  • Wallpaper
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Voice Memos
  • Documents

What do you need for this migration?

iPhone Lightning Cable
iPhone Lightning Cable
  • Samsung USB Connector.
Samsung USB Connector
Samsung USB Connector

Connect the USB Connector to the lightning cable.

USB Connector connected to the Lightning Cable
USB Connector connected to the Lightning Cable

How to Switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus

Follow these steps to migrate data from iPhone to Galaxy S10.

  1. Open Samsung Smart Switch on Galaxy 10.

    On your new Galaxy S10, go to Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Samsung Smart Switch. Tap the Menu icon now and open Settings > About. Click on the update button to check update for Smart Switch. If there is an update available, perform the update. Skip this otherwise.
    Get back to the Cloud and Accounts again and then click on Samsung Smart Switch. It should be ready for data transfer now.

  2. Turn off iCloud for Contacts iPhone.

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > iCloud > Turn off Contacts. Now click on “Keep on My iPhone”. If you do not turn this off, iCloud will not let the contacts move to the Galaxy S10.

  3. Connect iPhone to the Galaxy S10.

    Now connect the lightning connector of cable to the iPhone, and connect the USB Type-C end of the cable to the Galaxy S10. If the iPhone asks for trust permission, click on “Trust this computer”. You are all set now.

  4. Select the data you want to transfer.

    Galaxy S10 will now read the data from your iPhone. It will show you the list of data you can transfer. Select all of your preferences. You can also select a message data range.

  5. Transfer the data from iPhone to Galaxy S10 now.

    Once you have made all the selections, click on Next. The transfer will begin now. It can take a few minutes for all data to shift.

  6. Set up the data on Galaxy S10.

    Once the migration ends, the Galaxy S10 will show you all the data. You can set up the data according to your liking now. Go through the App list to install the applications. You may not be able to find some of the applications for Android i.e. Facetime. That’s all.

A few things to note

As you have now switched from iPhone to Galaxy S10, you must have noted that there is no mention of WhatsApp data. iPhone uses a different filesystem as mentioned above. You cannot move WhatsApp data or transfer your app installations. You will have to compromise on the WhatsApp data. All you can do is to email your important WhatsApp chat. The WhatsApp media content cannot be moved.

Another thing to note here is that the videos on your iPhone were in the .MOV format. They will fail to play in the default video player of the Galaxy S10. To play the .MOV videos on your Samsung S10, you can get a video player like the MX Player or VLC Media Player.

Wrap up

That’s all you had to do in order to switch from iPhone to Galaxy S10. If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to reach out to us. I hope that this tutorial helped you for real. We are open to all suggestions as well. The best way to contact is through the comments section below.

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  1. My wife has changed from a iPhone to the s10, but she is still getting imessages on her old iPhone and not her new s10. How do I stop this and get all her messages on the s10?

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