Sony’s Concept update brings ambient display and more to Xperia X


Sony’s Concept builds is one of the ways in which the company tests different new features that they plan to bring in the upcoming devices. The tested features may or may not end up in the future devices but this is a fun way to try and test out new features. So, Sony at times experiments with different features giving users the chance to become a part of the development process. Sony has recently rolled out an update for select Xperia X smartphones which are enrolled in the Concept program. The new update brings features like Ambient Display and fixes several bugs present in the earlier update.

The ambient display feature lights up the device screen whenever there is a notification so that the user can assess whether the update is important to warrant quick action. So, without picking and powering up your smartphone you will get to know what the update is through this feature. If this is something that you don’t like, there is an option in the settings, you can turn it back off any time.

Apart from that the update fixes bugs with the notification LED, which at times did not light up for missed calls. The tinted display was also fixed for devices even when they did not have the Night Mode option selected. Another tweak was made to the camera of the device in which the brightness of the screen in the ViewFinder mode has been adjusted.

Sony started their Concept program in 2015 and at the moment it is only available in Europe. If your device is eligible and you want to enroll it in the program, just download the app from the Google Play Store and get into the Experimental Track. Whenever there is an update, the app will notify you about that.

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