Some of the Best iOS 8.1.2 Compatible Cydia Tweaks


Now that the iOS 8 is finally Jailbroken, it is time for the users to get their hands on the best Cydia Tweaks, that are also compatible with the iOS 8.1.2. Since there are tons on the new Tweaks are popping out in the market, searching for the best ones to try is not an easy task to do, in-fact most of the tweaks out there doesn’t able to catch users eyes, and when you have your device Jailbroken especially on the latest version of iOS, I don’t think any users would want to keep itself as minimum as possible. So here we have compiled a list of some of the best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8.1.2, But first visit the link to Jailbreak your device, if you still haven’t done it: Link

Some of the Best iOS 8.1.2 Compatible Cydia Tweaks

1. Segue: (Free | BigBoss)

Well it is one of the best when it comes to adding a Slideshow of Photos to your iOS Stock Photo apps, for those who are thinking that Apple has given such a feature, but they also should consider that there aren’t much effects available when it comes to stock, this Tweak allows you to do alot more than just Handful animations.

2. StopSend: (Free | Private)

In my opinion, this is one of the best tweak, especially for those who are irritated because of the Auto-Correct. So, if you don’t want to send more of the Embarrassing messages to your Friends, Install StopSend. This Tweak will disable the Send button as long as any of the Auto-Correct Prompt is active

3. SleekCode: (Free | BigBoss)

This tweak was originally written for iOS 7, but it works perfectly on iOS 8 too, simple it allows you to Customize your Lock Screen, not much of gimmicks,but it allows you to add more Blurness, Alpha effects, Hide components in Lock Screen etc.

4. Vine++: (Free | BigBoss)

For all the users of Vine app, this is like a dream comes true, with the help of this Tweak, users can finally download Vine Videos. Vine++ was released like a week ago and has already made a good impact on the users of Vine app.

5. SBflip: (Free | BigBoss)

This Tweak allows you to control the rotation of your Springboard and HomeScreen too, all you need to do is toggle the Rotation button to Enable/Disable it. It also allows you to control the Style of Dock icons when you Rotate the screen, you can choose them to be either stationary or Dynamic.

6. TapSpring: (Free | RCRepo)

One can easily respring by navigate to Settings > Respring8, however, there are those who needs to Respring the device time and again, because of different tweaks and stuff. If they think that Respring like this is a long way, then fear not, cause TapSpring tweak does the job in only a single tap. The tweak is still in Beta stage, but it works

7. CalcBase: (Free | BigBoss)

This is a very useful tweak for all those, who changes the method of Operations, beneficial for Students, Researchers etc. It allows you to easily switch between Decimal, Hex, Binary, Octa etc,

8. CroppingScreen: (Free | BigBoss)

In this era, taking a screenshot is one of the important task of all times, Although, every Smartphone has a way to take a Screenshot, in iDevices, you can Press the Home + Power button to take it, this tweaks add a little more to it. It allows you to select the part of screen you want to capture, instead of taking the whole screen.

9. Air Traffic Control (Free | BigBoss)

This Tweak works while your device is in the Airplane mode, Since you get a Airplane Mode alert every-time you open an app, this Tweak simple remove this Nuisance, and you can use a alert free device

10. PrefDelete: (Free | BigBoss)

This is one of the most useful tweak, when it comes to deleting the tweaks without going into the Cydia itself. Just tap and Hold on the Tweak name from Settings App and Delete it.

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