Save WhatsApp Status – No Root Needed


When WhatsApp introduced Status, Unfortunately, they forgot to add a saving option for WhatsApp status. Now because of that, people have to use third-party apps to Save WhatsApp Status. Moreover, you can save the picture or video if someone directly sends you on WhatsApp.

Save WhatsApp Status

The only problem using third-party apps is privacy, such apps ask for number permissions which are not related to saving WhatsApp status. Not only that, most of the methods and apps only work on rooted Android devices. In result, people face piracy issues, their personal information is taken without there will and more.

Now in this article, we will tell you how to Save WhatsApp Status without rooting your Android device. You may be surprised to know that, your file manager contains a hidden folder which has all the status images that you have looked. In this post, we’ll show you different methods which will help you Save WhatsApp Status and again no root required.

Save WhatsApp Status:

The first method will be the one in which we will look for the hidden folder in our file manager. Which contains all the images that we have looked at. Let’s start now.

Download WhatsApp Status Through File Manager:

Step1: First, you need to download a third-party file manager. There are few but ES Explorer and Solid File Manager are the ones I would suggest to you.

Step2: Open up the file manager and look for WhatsApp folder. Once you do find it, tap on 3 dots to bring up the settings pop-up. Now here check the box which says, Show hidden files.

Step3: Now open up the Media folder and top of all, you will find the Statuses folder. This folder contains all the images that you have looked at. You can now easily Save WhatsApp Status photos. Moreover, if you don’t want these photos, delete them and free up your space.

Save WhatsApp Status With Third-Party App:

Let’s make things easier for you, Although I am not a fan of any third-party apps which are involved with any of my social media accounts. But what can I say, they do work and people will still use them no matter what we say. So It’s time for you people to download Status Saver app.

  • Status Saver app is available on Google Play that is why I recommended this one. Once installed, Open up WhatsApp, Open a Status, There you will see a ‘+’ icon tap on it and save WhatsApp Status. Moreover, you can also save videos using Status Saver and it works perfectly with all the modified WhatsApp Versions.

Modded WhatsApp Version:

There are a number of WhatsApp Modded version available for Android. All of these WhatsApp Forked versions have more features than the original WhatsApp. Most of these apps come preloaded with the saving status features. That means you don’t have to Install any third-party app to download WhatsApp status.

That’s all.

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