Samsung Galaxy M20s with 6000 mAh battery is in the works


While Samsung is doing very well in the high-end smartphone segment, it’s also putting efforts to make a mark in the midrange section. The South Korean giant is reportedly working on a new device with a 5830 mAh battery. This is the rated capacity which means the actual capacity could be around 6000 mAh. The phone with 6000 mAh battery is rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy M20s.

Galaxy M20s with 6000 mAh battery
Leaked Battery of Galaxy M20s – 6000 mAh

A picture of Galaxy M20s’ battery has appeared on an online source. The picture shows the battery’s product code i.e. EB-BM207ABY. Rumors have it that the M207 in the battery’s code is the model number of the Galaxy M20s.

Last year, Samsung started its quest to compete with the mid-range smartphones of companies like Xiaomi and Huawei. The company was not manufacturing any true value-for-money phone until the Samsung Galaxy M series. M was for the millennials and this series debuted for the Indian consumers first. The Samsung Galaxy M handsets including the M10, M20, and M30 brought all the features that Samsung’s previous low-end/midrange phones were missing.

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Soon after the M series, Samsung re-invented its Galaxy A lineup with some solid phones like the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50. Samsung is actively working on advancing the Galaxy A and Galaxy M phones further. The company is further diversifying its Galaxy and M phones by introducing improved models of the existing phones.

Samsung Galaxy M20

The original Galaxy M20 came out back in January. This was Samsung’s first phone with a 5000 mAh battery. The M20 came with a 6.3-inch TFT screen with a 1080P resolution. It carried a 13MP + 8MP camera at the back and an 8MP camera on the front. The M20 was powered by Exynos 7904 SoC and a RAM of 4GB. The internal storage of this phone began at 64GB. Galaxy M20 also sported a rear-fingerprint scanner. The phone also supported fast charging. 

It looks like the Galaxy M20 couldn’t impress Samsung with the result, so the manufacturer is focusing on launching and improved version i.e. the Galaxy M20S. We have seen Samsung launching the Galaxy A10S and Galaxy A20S with improved specifications already which also adds to the reality of the M20s’ existence. 

The rumors also have it that the Galaxy M20s might launch alongside the Galaxy M30s. The launch date of Galaxy M20s is unknown. Only time will tell if these rumors live up to reality. Let us know about your thoughts on the Galaxy M20s’s expected 6000 mAh battery below.

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