4 Best Amazon Price Tracker Tools [ Tips ]


If you are among those who do shopping on Amazon then you will love the Amazon Price Tracker Tools. 

Do you like to Shop on Amazon? Looking for the best deals to buy things from Amazon? It can be done but since everyday, there are new deals on Amazon. Also, the prices on Amazon undulate a lot, today the price will be different, after a few hours or the next day. You will see a new deal with a new price.


In order to track the prices on Amazon, you will be needing the best Price Tracker Tools which we have collected for you. Following are the best Amazon Price Tracker Tools you can get and they will save a lot of money for you.

4 Best Amazon Price Tracker Tools:

Most of these Price Tracker Tools are available for Browsers, Smartphones, and few of them are only Websites. All of these tools are working perfectly, after carefully checking and using we are posting them here.

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Let’s start with the best in the business. Keepa is the best and the smartest price tracking tool available for Amazon. Not only it provides you price tool it also provides you history graphs, price drop, deal alerts, and more. Keepa Add-on is available for all top browsers.

You can easily use Keepa without any professional or technical help. In order to search for products, head over to the Deals. From there select category, ranges, and sales ranking. Moreover, you can also search for products using Percent Range, for e.g, search for a product and select the Percent Range 20%. On the next page, you will see all the result dropped to 20%.

There is another thing, I would like to add. Not only Keepa tracks prices from the US, but it also tracks deals and price drop alters from a number of international websites & markets. Moreover, you can receive all the alerts via emails, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

Keepa has an Android app and also browser extensions. Do as you wish, either use the App or download the extension for your browser. Both worked fine for me.

Camel Camel Camel:

The name may not amuse you but the features will. This site does a perfect job when it comes to Price Tracking for Amazon. You will get all the hot products deals in your inbox. Moreover, if you don’t want to use the Website, you will have two options, Android App or Add-on.

Price Tracker Tools

They have an Add-on named as Camelizer and it’s available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. When it comes to working, Camel Camel Camel works the same way as Keepa do. Tag a product, search for products and whenever the price is dropped or a new deal is live. The CCC will notify you via Twitter, only Twitter, it doesn’t support all the platforms like Keepa.

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You will find all the features which are necessary for Price Tracker Tools. Such as filter by a category, wishlist sync, and search products. However, like Keepa you won’t find the price and percentage range features.  But you can use Siri Shortcuts on iOS devices and CCC Android app to get the price alerts on your smartphones.

Jungle Search:

Jungle Search is a simple website, allows you to search for Amazon products with a number of filters. After selecting the filters, Jungle Search will take you to the Amazon official site. It is easy to use, all you have to do is enter the name, company name, minimum and maximum percentage off, minimum and maximum price, and customer reviews. Hit enter, you can see all the options in the screenshot below.

Price Tracker Tools

Jungle Search is good but it cannot compete with the CCC and Keepa. But still, you can find the best results for your product using Jungle Search.


Honey is a good tool in order to track prices on Amazon. They have a browser Add-on which is available for FireFox and Chrome. What it does, it gives you an option to add your product into Droplist. So whenever the price drops on your favorite product, you will be notified.

After installing the Honey Add-on, you will see a new option on Amazon. Add to Droplist, click on that to add your product, whenever the price drops by 5% you will get a notification. Moreover, Honey also provided a timeline for tracking a product, once the timeline is finished, your product will be removed from the Droplist.

That’s all. These were the best Amazon Price Tracker Tools.

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