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Opengapps is the biggest repository of Google Gapps. Almost all the custom ROMs that exist today, use the Opengapps. Opengapps are available for all versions of Android running on all the architectures. The team working over Opengapps works hard to pull out the Gapps packages in order to let the custom ROM users run Google Apps on their phones.Opengapps Downloader

There are 8 different variants of Google Gapps. Google Gapps by Opengapps are compatible with Android versions starting from Android KitKat to Android Oreo. The different variants of Gapps have different sizes and all of them have different apps packed inside. Opengapps Google Gapps support 4 architectures.

In order to download Gapps, users had to navigate to the Opengapps website. The options to select Android version, Platform and Gapps Package are given on the website. However, Opengapps wants to make this process easier now. Keeping in view the increasing demand of Gapps, they have built an application that can download the Gapps directly on your phone. It means you no longer have to download the Gapps from the website and copy them to your phone now.

Opengapps Downloader – Download Google Gapps on your phone

The application is named as Opengapps Downloader. It’s a very sweet application. All you have to do is to select your architecture, variant and the Android version in the settings. The application then shows you a list of all the packages that were recently built. You can download the latest package. Downloaded files will go straight into your phone’s internal or external storage. The download location can be set in the settings of this application as well.

Before we head towards the Opengapps Downloader, here is a description of the variants of Gapps.

  1. AROMA: Gapps package with a UI. It lets you select the apps that you want to install.
  2. Super: This package includes all the Google Apps that were ever shipped by Google in its phones.
  3. Stock: This includes all the Google Apps that Google puts in a Nexus or in a Pixel smartphone.
  4. Full: This package is similar to Stock variant. It does not replace other stock non-Google apps on a phone.
  5. Mini: Includes the most popular Google Apps only.
  6. Micro: Contains limited Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar, Google Now, Google Play Store, Play Services etc.
  7. Nano: Contains only a few basic Google Apps.
  8. Pico: Only adds Google Play Services and Google Play Store to the phone.

Here is the Opengapps Downloader APK. Follow the instructions given next to APK to download the Gapps straight into your phone.

Opengapps Downloader APK

  1. Opengapps Downloader APK – Download.
  2. Copy the APK file to your phone.
  3. Locate the APK using a file manager and click on it.
  4. If the APK asks for permissions, open Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Allow.
  5. Now get back to the APK and install it.
  6. Finish the installation, open the Opengapps Downloader from the app drawer.
  7. Tap the menu option on the top-right corner and open settings.
  8. Now in settings, select the Architecture, Variant and Android version. If you don’t know what is your Architecture, use this guide to identify correct architecture for Google Gapps.
  9. Now get back to main screen in Opengapps, and click on the package that you want to download. That’s all.
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