Intel Devil’s Canyon Processor Core i7-4790k [ Review ]


Intel has introduced two new processors that mainly focus on overclockers and enthusiast community. The k series Haswell processors offer improved design, thermal interface and processors designed to boost up performance and overclocking.The processor known as devil’s Canyon (Intel Core i7-4790k) has come up with a few remarkable changes.


Outstanding performance and Flexibility

It delivers upto 4 cores of 4GHz based frequency, providing outstandingly fast performance for demanding user. The multi tasking compute performance with 4 cores upto 8 threads which is  good news for gamers. Fully unlocked processor cores with independent base clock tuning improves ability to achieve to high core, graphics and memory frequencies without impacting other system components.


They changed the thermal interface material between the die and heat spreader which is now the “next generation polymer thermal interface material”. It works with existing cooling solutions enabling cooler and higher performing CPUs. Additional capacitors have been used to smooth power delivery to die with the hopes of higher clock speed.

The processor has 500 MHz of additional clock speed out of the box so the base clock speed is 4 GHz and turbo frequency is upto 4.4 GHz whereas i5-4690 had base clock speed of 3.9 GHz and Turbo frequency of upto 3.9.  This will resolve some significant performance advantages.

Voltage Regulator

The integrated voltage regulator which is typically seen on the motherboards has been shifted into the processor and is located on processor die. This will allow independent power consumption management for each core and the graphics core. This will prove to be beneficial in terms of efficiency and power consumption. The processor supports 8Mb of smart cache and Integrated Memory Control to support two channels of DDR3 memory.

Over Clocking

The overclocking has been given higher flexibility by fully unlocked core multiplier, power and DD3 memory. Moreover Graphics overclocking is enable to boost up graphic’s clock speed.

Haswell New Instructions

Haswell has introduced four new extensions called HNI. They include Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2), gather, bit manipulation and FMA3. AVX2 widens integer SIMD to 256 Vectors. AVX is advanced form of SSE and provides features and instructions. Haswell’s structure also includes built-in visual features, HD graphics, HD video, quick sync video technology and built-in visuals for 3D and HD.

Turbo 2.0

The processor has used Turbo 2.0 which makes turbo mode more dynamic. Four-core turbo runs on four independent dynamic threads and increases processor frequency on demand to boost up performance. In addition to that the Hyper- Threading technology allows each core processor to work on two tasks at the same time.

Cores 4
Threads 8
Base Clock Rate 4.0 GHz
Turbo frequency 4.4 GHz
Lithography 22nm
Max TDP 88W
Memory 32 GB
Processor Graphics HD graphics 4600


Intel Devil’s Canyon Processor Core i7-4790k proved to be very impressive showing massive performance boost. The processor truly compliments Maxwell’s structure. Even better the price tag of i7-4790k is said to be $339.

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