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After the success of Hungry Dragon World, the folks over Ubisoft have released their new game called Hungry Dragon. The concept of this game is exactly what its name suggests. Players are given a Dragon who is extremely hungry. This Dragon can fly. Tapping the screen makes the Dragon move in all the directions. On the ground, there is a lot of sheep, there are bees, ants, many other animals and even human beings. The Dragon can eat every single thing that is alive on the ground. In the sky, there are eagles, vultures, and many other birds that the Dragon can eat. Some of the creatures are locked. To eat those creatures, your Dragon must have reached a certain level. The level of your Dragon can be upgraded only by eating more and more. There is a no-go area in the game. If you enter that area, your Dragon will die and fall all the way down. So while eating up everything, you must beware of where your Dragon is. It should not be going out of the bounds.

Hungry Dragon aPK

The more your Dragon eats, the bigger it becomes. Put a high score on the leaderboard to give everyone a tough time. The game is taking place in a very beautiful environment. Ubisoft never disappoints when it comes to graphics. The graphics in Hungry Dragon are remarkable. The overall gameplay is impressive and addictive. So, just in case you want to kill some time, get this game and get it going. Hungry Dragon comes for free and the game is already available in the Play Store.

For those of you who can’t and who don’t want to use the Play Store to install Hungry Dragon, I have found its APK for you. The Hungry Dragon APK can be found as you go ahead. Hungry Dragon APK can be installed on all the Android phones. It is completely safe and secure. APKĀ file is totally untouched and it’s in the original form. Read the instructions below to install Hungry Dragon on your phone with the help of its APK.

Hungry Dragon APK

Hungry Dragon APK – Download.

Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone. On your phone, open Settings and find the Unknown Sources under Security Settings or Privacy. Allow the unknown sources and then locate the APK using a file manager. Install the APK to get the game in the application drawer.

Hungry Dragon
Price: Free
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