How to watch Disney+ on Vizio Smart TV with AirPlay 2


This is the tutorial to cast and watch Disney+ on Vizio Smart TV with AirPlay 2. This tutorial is only for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Before you take a look at the steps, let me tell you about Disney+ and its compatibility with Vizio Smart TV.


The most awaited streaming application of the year is finally out. Disney+ is the official Disney Streaming application. The app has content from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.

Disney+ was officially launched on November 12. The journey of Disney+ hasn’t been as smooth as the users expected. Disney+ users encountered a huge number of errors on the app. Some of the Disney+ problem has already been fixed while some are still there. Apart from the topsy turvy takeoff, the content on the app was also massively criticized by the users. Despite all those problems and criticism, the Disney+ has raked in over 10M subscriptions so far. 

Disney+ works on a number of devices and platforms. You will find this app working on Android, iOS, it works on Windows and macOS too. Disney+ is available for Android Smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, and many other such devices. It is very unfortunate that a huge list of Disney+ compatible devices do not include Vizio, the 2nd most Smart TV seller in the US. So, if you own a Vizio Smart TV, you are out of luck to run the Disney+ on the TV.

Disney+ on Vizio

Disney+ cannot be installed on the Vizio Smartcast TVs. The app does not support the OS of the Vizio TV. However, that’s one of the two ways to get Disney+ on Vizio TV. For the most part, Vizio TVs rely on their in-built Chromecast, and it’s really disappointing to see that Disney+ doesn’t work with the in-built Chromecast of Vizio TVs either. So, both the methods to get Disney+ on Vizio will are non-functional. 

Here is Vizio’s official tweet about Disney+ on its Smart TVs.

Hi Nick, Disney+ is not currently available on VIZIO TV’s as a built in app or available to cast. If you have an AirPlay 2 compatible SmartCast TV, you may be able to AirPlay Disney+ content to the TV.— VIZIO (@VIZIO) 12 November 2019

The only way to cast Disney+ on a Vizio TV right now is through Apple AirPlay 2. At first, you have to have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Your device must have the AirPlay 2. You can find a list of the Vizio Smart TVs with AirPlay 2.

So, if your device matches the above scenario, you can find the steps given below to watch Disney+ on Vizio Smart TV with AirPlay 2.

Here is a quick look at the requirements once again

  1. Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad with AirPlay 2
  2. Vizio Smartcast HDTV
  3. Disney+ installed on the iPhone/iPad/iPod [ Disney+ on App Store]
  4. Active Disney+ Subscription.
  5. Vizio Smart TV and Apple Device must be connected to the same WiFi network

Watch Disney+ on Vizio Smart TV with AirPlay 2

Time needed: 2 minutes.

These are the simple steps to cast and watch Disney+ on Vizio Smartcast HDTV with AirPlay 2.

  1. Step 1

    Open the Disney+ app on your Apple device and sign in.

  2. Step 2

    If the app shows a cast button on its home screen, do not cast as it will not work right now. If you are not seeing the button, that’s alright.

  3. Step 3

    Play a movie or TV show in the Disney+ app. As soon as the movie starts, you will see a cast and AirPlay button on the top-right corner.

  4. Step 4

    Press the button and you will see a list of devices available for AirPlay. Select your Vizio Smart TV. watch Disney+ on Vizio Smart TV with AirPlay 2

  5. Step 5

    Vizio Smart TV will be connected and you will see the Disney+ app being cast to the TV now. Resume the movie and enjoy on a bigger screen!

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