How To Assign Specific Email Alert Sounds For Each Contact In Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most used App in Windows, if you are a businessman and especially not a gamer. Gamer’s don’t care about any E-Mail except for the offers from Steam or other Game engines. But if you are those who keep up with their E-Mails, then Outlook is their best friends and if they are using an address, which is used only with some of the people then they mostly get confused from where they are receiving the Mails. What they need is to assign specific alert sound for each Contact.

But Why would there be any need of that? well not all the Mails are important to see, if you have specific alert sound already set, then you will know from whom you have received the E-Mail, thus it is necessary to open it or not. Furthermore, you will keep updated with E-Mail alerts in different manners. So, without any further ado, let’s see how we can assign specific alerts.


Custom Notification Sounds On Outlook 2013:

  1. First Find the E-Mail to which you want to set the Custom Sound.
  2. Right Click and Highliht Rules.
  3. Click Create Rule.
  4. Now to decide what the rule will do, make sure the First Box is ticked and the Third Box, in which it is mentioned that the E-Mail is sent to you only.
  5. Now it is decided when the sound is played, now is to choose the sound.
  6. Tick “Play a Selected Sound” and click Browse.
  7. The Sounds folder will be opened in front of you, you can choose any sound with WAV format.
  8. Once you have selected everything, Click Ok and you will see the Confirmation Dialoge, that the rule is created.

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