How To Access Another Computer From Your Computer.


If you work on more than one Computer, than knowing how to access another Computer from the one you are using is quite a handful task. You need to access files form different computers or perform tasks from both computers, while being only at one location. There are many ways to Remote Access the Computers, you might look for the one suitable for you or how much you are willing to pay. Windows 7 has built-in Remote Accessing, but if you want better performance and durability, you should look for Paid Application. We will show you some ways, depending upon your need, follow anyone of them.


1.Windows Own Remote Accessing:

Microsoft Windows 7 allows you to connect computer and access data between them. You need both the computers to access each other and you will need to do on every computer you want to connect. Follow the Instructions to Access Remotely.

Go to Start Menu and Right-Click on My Computer, Click on Properties from the  Pop-up.


Click on Remote Settings and Select the Remote Tab.


Tick the Box Next to Allow users to connect remotely to this computer”, press OK to continue.

2. Visit any Website, Offering Remote Access:

You can visit any Website, if you don’t want to install any Heavy Software, or you are just not satisfied with Windows  Remote Access or it’s not fulfilling your needs. These sites a light and works faster than any other Software, Free too.

This site can be used for Both Macintosh and Windows. This Site offers apps for iPad, so you can access your computer from iPad too.


This Website offers many features and services that enable Remote Access. Some of them offers Back-up of data, that allows you to remotely store files on other storage devices. The Interface allows you to Access many computers at the same time.


  • WebEx PCNow:

You can access other computers files and E-Mails through WebEx Website. The Set-up is easy and it will take only a minute before you get ready to start the Remote access. You can even access other Computers WebCam as Security Cameras.


3.Using Different Software:

If you want to work faster, then download a Remote Access software. Downloading a full software that allows you to connect Two computers and transfer data between them, will work even faster and without interruptions. Websites servers are,if, down then you won’t able to do anything. Windows Remote access is not very good. So, you might wanna consider the Following Options:

Using LapLink, you can access Laptops, Computers, Mobiles and other Devices. Different Computers can be accessed using their Default Browsers.


There are 3 versions of RealVNC available. Personal Edition is for Home and Small Business. Enterprise Edition is intended for Large Business, where there are a lot of computers and there is not much time for installation again and again.


Some versions of Windows like Windows XP come with Remote desktop pre-installed. But it needs to be activate and configured before can be used. Microsoft website offers tips on how to activate it. If you want to stuck to Windows own things, then visit to learn how to configured it.




You must Prevent the Firewall from blocking the Software you are using. When you first run the Software, you must select Unblock when the pop-up window appears asking whether you want the firewall to block or unblock the software.

The Other Computer must be open for Remote Access, otherwise it won’t be detected.


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