Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen – More Issues


Here’s how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen problem. Galaxy Note 5 is the best Android devices you can get in terms of Specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released in 2015, at that time there were very few devices which have a large display like Galaxy Note 5. After the massacre of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was carrying the Galaxy Note Series flag. Galaxy Note 5 was a great device with any doubt. But still, like all other devices, it has faced many issues.

Today, we’ll be helping those who are facing black screen issues on Galaxy Note 5. Moreover, we’ll be helping you with Charging and MMS issues on Galaxy Note 5. Let’s get started.

Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen
Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen:

Heed the instructions below in order to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen issues and more related issues that users are getting on Galaxy Note 5.

Fix Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen Problem:

  • Press and Hold down both volume and Power button for 10 seconds.

If your device is not facing hardware issues then it would probably boot up normally. If not then follow the steps below.

  • First, only press + hold volume down button.
  • Now do the same with Power button and don’t let it go for 15 seconds.

Hope to see your device will boot up. If there is no life sign I think your device battery is all drained up. Try the following solutions.

  • Put your device on Charging, USE the original Charger or Try charging your device wirelessly.
  • Try to charge your device using your PC.
  • Make sure you charge your device for minimum 10 minutes.
  • Now try the solution provided above.

Signs of Physical and/or Liquid Damage:

We have made a detailed guide on Fix Galaxy Note 8 Moisture detected in charging port error. You can try these methods on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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Galaxy Note 5 Not Charging With Car Charger:

You need to check the car charger first. Try charging other devices with the same car charger. If the charger working fine with them, then your device charging port is messing around. Clean your charging port using compressed air. Make sure you remove all the dirt completely.

The best solution you can get is to buy a certified Car Kit to charge your device. Also, make you are using the best quality USB cable to charge your device in the car. Moreover, I would suggest you should use Wireless chargers in your Car.

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Galaxy Note 5 Verizon Adds +001:

It mostly happens when you are using an unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 5 on other GSM networks. You cannot use all the features of the Galaxy Note 5, but we can tell you how you can Fix Note 5 Verizon Version Adds +001.

  • Open Phone App.
  • Tap on Menu Icon.
  • Tap Settings -> More settings -> Turn off -> Assisted dialing.

MMS Not Working On AT&T:

You need to make sure your mobile data bundle is still active. Moreover, you need to check the APN settings. If you don’t know the APN settings on AT&T. Heed the instructions below.

You need to check the two settings. Make sure they are the same as written.

  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:

More Work Arounds for Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen Issues:

Boot Galaxy Note 5 in recovery mode and perform a factory reset:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Now press and hold home+Power+Volume Up key.
  • Release the power button once you see the logo, but keep holding home and Volume up keys.
  • Now when you see Android logolet go both buttons.
  • Use the volume down button to navigate and highlight wipe data/factory reset.
  • Now use the power key to select the option.
  • You have to select ‘Yes‘ when you’ll be prompted for next menu.
  • Now wait for the process to be completed, once it’s done highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press power button to select it.
  • All Done.

Boot your device in Safe Mode:

  • First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Now press and hold the power key.
  • When you see Samsung Galaxy logo, release the button and then press+hold the volume down button.
  • Don’t let go until your phone finishes the rebooting process.
  • When you see Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen let go the volume down button.

Once you are in Safe Mode, you’ll need to investigate. Maybe a culprit app is causing these shutdowns. Find that app and Uninstall it.

That’s all. This is how you can fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen and related problems. Please do tell us in comments how was your experience.

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