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India is the fastest and potentially largest market in the world right now. Young people in India are always on the lookout for best-value smartphones. The most suitable price bracket for millennials is up to 20,000 Rupees. Until now, this lower price bracket market is dominated by Xiaomi. It offers high-quality products with killer specs at a low price tag. Galaxy M series is the latest invention specifically designed for Indian millennials. The main motivation behind the development of this product is to penetrate this section of the market and provide the best value-for-money smartphones out there.

In an interview with Samsung spokesperson for India, it was indicated that all of the phone falling in brand new Galaxy M Series would sport a minimum of 6.02 inches display. All of these displays offer one of the best possible screen-to-body ratios. Moreover, these phones are rumored to be powered by batteries as large as 5,000 mAh. This would make it the first official Samsung phone to sport such a large battery. Another minimum spec on Galaxy M Series is the dual camera. The high-end model in this series is supposed to come out with triple camera setup.

galaxy m series price release date

By going through all the reports and speculations, it is very clear that M Series is clearly meant to be the best budget smartphone out there. Until now, this market is mainly dominated by Xiaomi and some other brands in this category. However, we could see some real turbulence in the consumer market with these brand new devices. Lets dig deeper and check out all the rumours and details on all smartphones in Samsung Galaxy M Series.

List of devices in Galaxy M Series

Since these phones are not officially launched yet, therefore, there is not official confirmation. However, according to several reports by respectable sources, two of the models are confirmed. These are Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20.

From what we can gather, these two will be the cheapest of the lot. An important thing to note here is that all phones in Galaxy M Series are made in India. It would seriously reduce the overall prices. Therefore, the company is able to sell these phones are such low prices. It allows young customers to get the best bang for buck.

Whether it is for studying, regular use, social media, vlogging or any other possible use, we are sure that people are going to love these.

Launch date

The official launch date of Samsung’s Galaxy M Series is 28th January, 2019. The initial release would include at least 3 models. The model on top of the line would also sport a triple camera setup. All of these devices will be powered by Exynos chipset and hefty batteries.

The entire design of these phones is based on the daily needs, budget requirements and expectations of Indian millennials.


According to official Samsung Spokesperson in India, the prices of phones in Galaxy M Series are capped at 20,000 Rupees. One of the phone is priced even lower than 10,000 Rupees.

Moreover, each of these devices comes with various options for RAM and storage. This indicates that we are not just getting some devices made with compromises. It is a full-fledged lineup with variety of options. These options are supposed to make the buying choice even easier and more optimal for consumers.

According to some reports, the actual price of Galaxy M10 would be 8,990 Rupees and for Galaxy M20, it would be 12,990. This is not the final price and the actual numbers could vary on final release.

Specifications breakdown

While no specific details are given at this time, we can still outline some of the specifications based on the reports.

Processor: All the phones in this series are powered with Exynos processors. The potential model in some of the devices could be Exynos 7870. Note that each of the devices will have a different processor based on price-tag.

Display: The minimum size of display in any phone from M Series should be 6.02″. Moreover, these devices offer best possible screen-to-body ratio and notch designs. Ssmsung are calling these Infinity V and Infinity U designs. We’ll have to wait for what they actually look like once released.

The display panel used in all of these devices would be Samsung’s AMOLED technology. However, the best model in this series will come with Super AMOLED display. It is no secret that AMOLED is currently the market leader in terms of screen quality. Therefore, we only expect the best results in this section.

galaxy m series display

RAM & Storage: The storage options on these devices would be mainly three: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It is possible that a high-end model may offer better storage option. In terms of RAM, it is rumored to have at least 3GB of RAM.

Considering these specs, we are pretty sure that these phones are not going to fall short of performance in games like PUBG Mobile and keep the device fluid when using apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.


One of the key selling points for M Series is the “Large Battery”. Note that this phone is specifically designed after researching the consumer needs of Indian Millennials. We think that everyone in world deserves this kind of improvement but it surely is a step in right direction. The biggest battery in one of these phones is supposed to be 5,000 mAh. Galaxy M10 is rumored to come with 3,400 mAh battery. it is still impressive considering the price tag.

On top of large battery packs, all of these phones come equipped with fast-charging and USB-C ports. Since this is becoming the modern standard, it is good to know that even budget phones can sport this option.

Camera Setup

The minimum camera setup in any of mobile in Galaxy M Series would be a dual-lense on the back. This is especially important for taking those amazing portrait mode photos. Whether someone is looking to use their phone for personal use or start an Instagram following, it has got it covered. The purpose of this series is to serve as the entry point for young people in India who are looking for best possible experience coupled with best value for money in one place.

galaxy m series camera dual

One of the high-end phones in this series is supposed to come out with a triple-camera setup. However, we are not really sure what the setup is going to look like on the front.

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Final Words

To put it simply, this is a great move by Samsung. Even though there are plenty of “cheap” Galaxy phones in the market already, none of these can stand a chance against Xiaomi phones at the same price. In order to capture such a large market sector, something like this had to be done.

The Samsung Galaxy M Series looks very promising and we are looking forward to its release. It is yet to be seen how these devices are going to fare once they do come out.

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