Facebook Messanger On PC – Download Here.


Facebook is no doubt, became a very important part of our life, youth uses it to stay updated about their friends activity and any new about their School College and University. On the Other hand, adult use it stay connected with the ones who are far away from them, despite that there are many other and far suitable ways yet everyone is on Facebook even for Video calls. But one problem is that if you close the browser you can’t able to use Facebook or its chat. SO, there comes a Facebook messenger for PC that allows you to stay Connected with the ones on Facebook.


Using Facebook installer, even if you are watching movies and you received a message you don’t need to open the browser, Messenger will remain open like Skype and all you have to do is reply. The new update even brought the option of updating your Status and uploading photos without opening the browser. It’s just like your Facebook app on Phone, no need to open again and agin, but you need to refresh the news to get updated. You will even received the Notifications and you can open them straight from this app.

How To Install Facebook Messenger On PC.

  • First Download Facebook Messenger from here.
  • Install it like a regular .exe file.
  • Once the Installation is done, open the Messenger.
  • Now it will ask you to put the Facebook ID and Password.
  • Once inserting ID and Password, click Log-in.
  • After successful log-in, you will see all your friends in chat list and Notification on top along with Messages and Friend requests.
  • As long as the Wi-Fi is running and your machine is On you will remain available to your friends.

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