Everything You Need To Know About Google Home Mini Launched


All good things come in little packages, and Google has proved this right with its today’s launch of Google Home Mini. With a huge number of new personal assistants pouring in 2016, from the Google Assistant built-in to Siri functionality, we thought that this was it! But Google proved us wrong with the launch of Google Home Mini, a truly smart speaker with Assistant at its core. All that we know about Google Home Mini is that it’s a puck-shaped device with a better functionality than ever. You can use your voice command to get things done easily. The four LED’s on the top of this device are there to indicate its working.

What’s so SMART about this Smart Speaker?

With the announcement of the Google Home Mini, Google revealed that Google Home Mini flaunts a simple and classic design with a small stature. It is available in three vibrant and unique colors that are coral, chalk, and charcoal. These colors are certainly not mainstream and stand as a style statement. It also comes in the light red, gray/white, and gray/black colors thus maintaining the legacy of launching devices in sober colors. Having a price of approximately $49, the Google Home Mini is a wonder. It is available for pre-order from today while the complete release is October 19th in most areas.

One of the most amazing features of this device is that it can even control all the connected electronics. You just have to give your voice command to control them.  You can ask the Assistant to set a timer and solve your math sums without having to do anything. You can control your Chromecast connected with this device and handle it easily without any hassle. You can command all the things to Google Home Mini as you used to do With Google Home.

Difference between Google Home and Google Home Mini

The difference between these two speakers is all about the hardware.  You can vividly notice the components have gotten tinier in case of the Home Mini. There are smaller drivers in the Mini and sadly, the volume output of these speakers might not be that awesome. You might be a bit disappointed with the sound quality and the bass.

How to Pre-order?

Google Home Mini is the power package that is available for pre-orders from today. It’s light as a feather but is going to be really helpful in future for you.

Google isn’t going to waste your time and make you wait for days. The Pre-orders will go live soon and just like the Pixel 2, the Google Home Mini is going to hit the shelves on October 19.

Hence, Google Home Mini is the perfect treat and an add-on with the launch of the two smartphones. We hope that you found all the details about the Google Home Mini exciting and useful. Are you excited for Google Home Mini? Let us know and leave a comment.

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