Best free Apps for Android in 2020 (January)


Find out the best free Apps for Android in 2020. These are the most popular free Android applications as of January 2020.

Android is the most common OS for smartphones in world right now. It offers great flexibility to its users. Therefore, Google Play Store is one of the biggest stores for Apps. It houses almost 3 Million applications. Unfortunately, Play Store is not very good at distinguishing between good and bad apps. Therefore, Android users may come across lot of spam and useless apps. We have gone through a huge list of apps and compiled the list for best Android Apps available in 2020. 

The list below contains apps from pretty much every category. Whether someone wants to use the app for editing photos, scanning documents, editing videos, file management and many more. This list contains all the essential Android apps in 2019. Of course, not everyone needs each of the following apps. However, there is something of interest for everybody.

best free apps for android

Below listed are some of the best Apps for Android, both productivity and fun. We’d love you for you to try these apps for yourself and leave your feedback in the comments below.

Essential Android Apps in 2020

1: Shazam

Ever listen to a song on radio, or some cafe and wonder which song is it? Well, this is a situation pretty much everyone faces at some point. We are desperately looking for the title of a song that is playing and there isn’t any direct solution. Well, Shazam is probably the best solution for this particular problem. It is fast, reliable and would almost never ever fail you. Use the Shazam app to recognize songs from your Android device in 2-3 seconds only!

2: Google Photos

If someone used Android and do not take advantage of Google photos, then they are missing out on one of major services. It is an unlimited photos storage option by Google itself. The best part is that, it is totally free to use and it works flawlessly across any device. Whether you try opening the photos on a laptop, a tablet or any phone with same account, you get all the photos in same place. 

However, there is a small catch. When using the free version with unlimited storage option, Google photos may reduce the quality of images before uploading. However, this effect is pretty much unnoticeable in most cases. The borderline is that you get a secure and free online storage for photos. Therefore, never worry about moving the photos between devices manually. The photos upload automatically as well.

Google Photos
Price: Free

3: Snapchat

One of the most popular photo-texting application is one of the essentials for every smartphone user. It does not matter if you are on Android or iOS, it is just impossible to not use it. Not only is it very easy to use, but one of the best apps to upload stories, watch sponsored stories and every photo text friends. Recently, the options for voice call and group chats is added as well.

If you want to keep stories private, then create custom audience from current friends list and share your stories with specific groups only. Since people cannot see stuff like online status, last seen on Snapchat in addition to messages deleting automatically, people love it more than messengers like WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

Price: Free

4: Bitmoji

Using Snapchat? Then Bitmoji is a must! This app perfectly integrates with SC to create unlimited bitmoji variations. Moreover, it creates a small-sized personalized face icon used in chats and chats list. Use the bitmoji to send personalized chat messages to friends.

If your friends also use Bitmoji, then bitmojis with both of characters appear in chat options as well. It is a cool addition and it is best used alongside Snapchat.

Price: Free

5: Google Keep Notes

Keep App by Google provides a unified space for storing all of your notes. Well, one may ask, why Google’s note app over any other? Well, the reason is simple. This app works with the main Google account logged into device. It is highly inconvenient to remember numerous passwords. Just login with one Google account into any Android device and use all of its services with it. 

Moreover, access all of your notes on a PC, a tablet or any other phone with same account.

6: Notin

Talking about notes, we often want to take quick notes for reminders. Notin is one of the few apps in Editors Choice list on Play Store. It is the simplest yet most efficient solution for keeping reminders on Android phone. 

So this is how notin works? Just tap on the app’s icon in in App drawer. It will open up a simple text box. Type anything on it and then press the + icon. It will add the reminder as a notification. That’s it. In order to add anymore reminders, simply tap any previously added reminder.

When the task is done, simple swipe away the notification. Notin is the simplest and most efficient solution for quick notes and reminders. There are not extra options to make the app heavy. It delivers what it promises.

7: Pushbullet

One thing that every Apple products user boasts about is the “Apple ecosystem”. And it is truly one of its best selling points. Features like Airdrop and seamless syncing make it feel like one giant unified server space. Everything is available seamlessly on iPhone, Mac and iPad. However, Android does not have such a dedicated solution. Moreover, the Apple ecosystem is actually a closed-off system. Nothing gets in or out.

Android on the other hand is much more flexible. There are number of apps that offer similar services. One of the best apps for this purpose is Pushbullet. It is most commonly used for sending and receiving pictures and links in between laptops and computers. Just sign up with same Pushbullet account on as many devices as you like. Then send anything from any device to another device that is logged in with same account. It is actually very simple. You can also view the history of exchanges between any of the devices.

8: Swiftkey Keyboard

Which is the most used app on any phone? The keyboard. Therefore, it is the single most significant application. The default keyboards on Android devices vary depending on manufacturers. We see the likes of Samsung keyboard, Google keyboard and a few more options. However, none of these even come close to Swiftkey in terms of usability, features and especially auto-corrects. 

Swiftkey uses a neural network to constantly learn each user’s keywords and phrases. This autocorrect is not just for the basic english language. It is actually does not depend on any language. Since there is unique slang in every language, and a specific way of chatting too. Swiftkey keyboard learns every user’s typing patterns and saves them for future. These do not appear in suggestions, but you can use these phrases and words effectively in autocorrects as well. 

Additionally, change stuff like themes, backgrounds, layouts, sizes, long-press durations, long-press keys, keyboard sizes and a lot more for you to explore.

9: Speedtest

Testing internet speed is one of the few things that a lot of guys love to do. Whether it is a new connection, a new place or something is just not working right. The game is running on high ping, the stream is lagging, or you just wanna flex on friends. Speedtest is the perfectly balanced tool for testing out any kind of internet connection. It works with both cellular and WiFi networks. Moreover, select a server of your choice from anywhere the world. For best possible results, app will always recommend nearest servers. However, change the servers to different countries if you want to get a general idea of how good or bad your connection is going to be towards a certain region or country.

Speedtest by Ookla
Price: Free

10: Onefootball

Football fans around the world love to keep themselves updated on all kinds of scores. It does not matter which team you support. It is pretty much imperative to keep track of entire league, champions league and even leagues from different nations. In addition to this, no football fan wants to miss out on the spicy transfer news throughout the season.

Onefootball is a one-stop solution to meet all your needs. At start of the app, select your favorite players, teams, leagues, competitions and other topics. From here onwards, the homepage and all notifications from Onefootball app to your particular phone are tailored accordingly. It is recommended to login with Google to keep these settings saved for future. 

11: CamScanner

Remember the days when we used to scan the documents via a bulky machine called “scanner”? And how gruesome and slow that process used to be? Oh, are you still one of those people using it? Come on! It is time to move on. CamScanner is probably the best in its category. It is a perfect solution for scanning documents and creating a PDF afterwards. This is one of of the most essential Android apps ever! 

Note that, it is not a regular OCR that scans and prints text on a notepad. The CamScanner actually mimics the entire document pixel by pixel. Entire page, its layout, the design, and pretty much everything is scanned as it is! You cannot actually spot a difference. Whether there are some old documents lying around that you want to save or just use it in daily life, CamScanner is a must-have Android application for students, office people and even the regular folks. It could come in handy anytime!

12: Snapseed

Picture editing Apps on Android are plenty. When searching for photo editing apps on Play Store, there are thousands of random apps that are not even that good. Snapseed is a brilliant photo editing app developed by Google itself. It is one of the most popular apps in its genre, and it is for every right reason.

Ranging from touching up pictures to filters, cropping to overall adjustment, high level editing tools to transformations, it is has got it all. Once someone learns how to use Snapseed, they pretty much do not need another photo editing app for Android.

Price: Free

13: Xender

When it comes to file sharing on Android, there are fair number of options. Unlike iPhone, Android users are not stuck with any sort of limitations. The most basic method is bluetooth transfer. An advanced option is WiFi Direct. However, it may not always work and some may not even know how to use it.

Therefore, the best solution is using third-party file sharing apps for Android. One of the most popular apps in this genre is Xender. It uses WiFi hotspot on sender’s phone to share files at lightning speeds. Moreover, the built-in file manager and organizer makes sharing stuff like APKs, photos, videos and documents a total breeze. Although, all of this is possible via manual methods. But, most of those methods are long and cumbersome. Therefore, we recommend using third party apps like Xender to send and receive files on Android.

14: LastPass

With the increasing number of ‘essential’ apps like banking, online shopping and many more, it is not possible to remember every password. It is even more unsafe to keep same password for every important service. Therefore, LastPass provides a safe, reliable and efficient solution. All the passwords are stored on same app and automatically fills in the login details when you open those apps.

Use a certain account to save all of your passwords online. Therefore, even if you change the phone, or want to access the passwords on a laptop for example, just login and boom! That’s it! It is a very handy cross-platform service to keep all passwords in just one place.

Use security measures like two-factor authentication, fingerprint scanners and PIN codes.

15: MX Player

When it comes to video players for Android, MX Player is the leader of the lot. It is without a doubt, the best media player available for free. Phones with low-end and even mid-tier hardware often come with lackluster video players. Those are not only lacking in necessary codecs, but the overall UI experience isn’t up to the mark. Therefore, MX Players comes into the play ticks all the boxes. 

MX Players can certainly play pretty much any video format. Moreover, it uses hardware acceleration to play high-end videos along with sound part. Additionally, a lot of streaming websites and apps use MX Players too. On the whole, MX Player is a complete package and it is a must for anyone who watches a lot of movies and TV shows on their phone.

MX Player
Price: Free
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