Energy Ring APK: Add Battery Indicator to Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus Camera Hole


Energy Ring application can add a marvelous feature to your Galaxy S10 handset. The Energy Ring application, as its name suggests, adds a ring around the punch-hole of your S10. The ring around the camera tells you about the battery percentage of your phone. To add the battery indicator to your Galaxy S10, you can download Energy Ring APK from here. The latest version of Energy Ring APK is available below.

Energy Ring APK
Energy Ring on Galaxy S10 Plus

No more notification LED

Samsung Galaxy S10 series comes with the hole-punch camera setup. The Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 have a single hole-punch on the top-right corner of the phone. The Galaxy S10 Plus has a dual hole-punch camera. To keep more room for the display, Samsung has not added anything other than the font-cameras on the screen. For example, there is no LED notification indicator on the new Galaxy S10 phones.

Previously, we had the LED notification light on all Samsung Galaxy phones. The notification LED was a good feature to stay informed about the incoming messages and alerts. The notification indicator light was also useful for the battery life of the phone. You could see the light informing you about the battery percentage while charging and when the phone hits 100% battery. On the S10 and S10 Plus, you have to check the phone by tapping the display to see the battery on always-on-display, or you have to check the percentage in the notifications panel. This gap has been filled by Energy Ring, a superb application for the S10 trio.

Energy Ring Review

Energy Ring is a completely free application. It’s loaded with a huge number of features. You can set different colors for the indicator for different percentages of the battery life. The application also has a handful of animations for the indicator. For example, it has the acceleration, deceleration, accelerate then decelerate, bounce, anticipation, launch and slow down, and speed breaker animations. You can also adjust the thickness of the ring. The ring direction can be set to clockwise, anti-clockwise, or bidirectional. You can hide the battery indicator when you are using a full-screen application. There is a whole color chart available to set the colors according to your wish.

The Energy Ring is optimized to consume the least amount of battery on the phone. If you consider running this application 24/7, there is going to be an unnotable drop in the battery because of this app. One downside that I noted is that when you have this enabled and you capture a screenshot, the camera cutout appears in the screenshots too. So if you want to take screenshots without the camera cutout, you will have to disable the energy ring first.

Go ahead to download Energy Ring APK to light up the camera hole on Galaxy S10. I have added a small tutorial to set up Energy Ring on all the Galaxy S10 variants.

Download Energy Ring APK

  • Energy Ring APK – Download
  • Copy the APK to your S10/S10E/S10 Plus, or directly download it on your phone.
  • Using File Manager, install the Energy Ring APK. If it asks for permission, allow unknown sources.
  • Now open Energy Ring from the application drawer.

Set up Energy Ring to light up Galaxy S10 Hole-Punch

  • After opening Energy Ring, tap the radio toggle at the top-right corner. It will take you to notification access, tap the toggle for Energy Ring to activate it.
  • Get back to the Energy Ring application now and set the Ring Thickness first of all. Recommended Thickness is 5.
  • Now choose the direction of the Ring. I have set it to clockwise on my phone.
  • Scroll down and set the Bar Visibility now.
  • You can now set the charging animation according to your own liking.
  • In the end, you have a color configuration. Set the colors for specific battery percentages.

That’s it. You have it turned on now. To disable Energy Ring, simply open the app again and turn off the radio toggle to get rid of it.

Wrap Up

You have successfully setup the Energy Ring on your Galaxy S10. You can now see a beautiful light around the camera hole of S10. Keep changing its look unless you find the best one. If you have any questions regarding this application, feel free to ask them below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Stay connected.

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