Download Ludo Star APK 2020 [Android and PC]


Follow the instructions given here to download Ludo Star APK for Android and PC. The steps to install Ludo Star for PC on Windows 10 and macOS are also given here.

Ludo Star APK
Ludo Star Game Screen

Ludo Star is one of the most popular Android games that came out back in 2017. The game quickly rose to fame because of its close-to-reality gameplay. The game is built to give you an experience of the real Ludo game. To understand the Ludo Star, you need a flashback of the Ludo game.

Ludo – The Pachisi

The Ludo game originally started back in 6th century. This game was named “Pachisi” back then. The game initiated from India and made it to other regions of the world too. In Germany, this game is called Mensch ärgere dich nicht. They call this game “Non t’arrabbiare” in Italy. In Bulgaria, the name of this game is “Не се сърди човече”. In  Romania, it’s known as “Nu te supăra, frate!”. The game is also played in Greece and its known as Γκρινιάρης. Since the 6th century, this game has gone through a number of evolutions and the form that we have right now is called Ludo.

In Ludo, 2 to 4 players can play at a time with or without a partnership. Each player has 4 tokens. These tokens are placed in their yard before the game starts. The players roll the dice which has numbers 1 to 6. Highest number i.e. 6 helps the players enter the Token on the board. If the dice returns a number lower than 6, the Token either stays in the yard, or the player moves an already released Token. In case the Token is at home, the turn is passed over to the next player without any movement.  The Tokens have to go through the entire board without getting hit from the opponent. The player with all the Tokens reaching home, first of all, wins the game.

Ludo is not just popular because of its interesting gameplay, this game is an amazing time killer as well. Most of the players love to play this game while sitting at Cafes with a cup of tea or coffee.

Ludo Star – How it changed the board game

To Play the original Ludo board game, the players have to gather physically. Ludo Star filled this gap and now players can play the game without gathering. Not only that, they can actually enjoy a modern form of Ludo while the core idea remains intact.

Ludo Star Players can play this game in realtime multiplayer mode, or they can join another player who’s online from another corner of the world. Furthermore, the game has a Diamonds system. The more diamonds you have, the more you repeat you get to roll the dice. 

Ludo Star is built by Gameberry, a gaming studio based in Bangalore. The game hit millions of downloads in a very short period of time. An unfortunate happening took the game off from the Play Store. As of January 2020, the game is once again available in the Play Store. The game has received several updates. At the time of writing this post, Ludo Star is at its version 2.0.

If you are still unable to find Ludo Star in the Play Store and you want to install it manually, you can find its APK here. I am going to put the Ludo Star APK below, which is directly downloaded from the Play Store. Additionally, I’m going to show you how you can play Ludo Star on your PC. Ludo Star for PC can run on Windows 10 and macOS powered computers.

Download Ludo Star APK

Ludo Star APKDownload

  1. Copy the APK to your phone.
  2. On the phone, open the Ludo Star APK using a File Manager.
  3. If the App asks for any permissions, allow it and finish the installation.
  4. Now open the Ludo Star game from the app drawer and play it.

How can I Play Ludo Star on PC? – Download Ludo Star for PC – Windows 10 and macOS

  1. On your computer, download and install BlueStacks 4.1.
  2. Once done, login into the BlueStacks using your Google Account.
  3. In the BlueStacks, open the Play Store.
  4. In the Play Store, look for “Ludo Star” and install it.
    Ludo Star for PC
    Ludo Star Play Store in BlueStacks
  5. Launch Ludo Star from the home screen.
    Ludo Star for PC
    Ludo Star in BlueStacks

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Ludo Star APK onto the BlueSacks and it will be installed immediately.

Final Words

By now, you will have the Ludo Star running on your phone or computer. If you have any questions or queries about this game or the BlueStacks emulator, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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