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Mozilla just renamed its browser with the newest update. The Firefox browser is now called Firefox Quantum. Mozilla promised big changes in this update. Firefox Quantum has been making the rounds of news mills for quite a while now. The update just landed and it is stuffed with extensive improvements.

Firefox Quantum changes the browser’s version number to 57. The browser is supposed to improve the internet surfing speed and put less load on the RAm of your Android smartphone. According to Mozilla, the new Firefox Quantum Browser will cut the RAM usage by half as compared to the RAM usage of the browser prior to this update. Firefox Quantum is basically Mozilla’s take on the Google Chrome browser. Mozilla is trying to prove that it’s done everything right here with this new browser. According to Mozilla, this is the biggest update in the history of Firefox since its first release in 2004.

On top of the new performance enhancements, there is a brand new UI in the Firefox Quantum. The new UI is called Photon UI. This UI has been designed keeping in view how the users like to interact with the browser. The new UI will make it extremely easy for internet surfers to navigate through their logged on pages and also within the browser to check out the settings and other new menus. The toolbar of Mozilla Firefox Quantum is now highly customizable. According to some tools, the Quantum browser is 2x faster than the Firefox 56. Initially, Firefox Quantum has impressed masses with its performance, but only time will tell how it gets along. Firefox Quantum is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

If you are using Android and you are trying to lookup for the Firefox Quantum, you may not be able to spot the exact application you need. That is because the name of the Browser hasn’t changed. It is still Firefox. Mozilla has just called it Firefox Quantum because of the new changes that the company embedded under the hood. Android users can download the Firefox Quantum Browser APK from below and install it on their phones right now.

Download Firefox Quantum Browser APK

  1. Download Firefox Quantum Browser 57.0 APK for AndroidDownload link.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
  3. Now on your phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tap the radio button to allow.
  4. Using a File Manager, locate and open the Firefox Quantum APK on your phone.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  6. Once done, launch the application from the app drawer. That’s all.
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