5 Best Music Player Apps For Android


Here are the 5 Best Music Player Apps For Android. There a lot of apps nowadays on which you can stream your favorite music. Some of these include the most famous Google Play Music and the Apple Music. But still, you might face some streaming issues on and off on such apps which can be a problem. In case you need an innovative and cooler music player on your phone using which you can enjoy your music collection, then we have a list of top 5 music player apps on Android for you.

5 Best Music Player Apps For Android:

1- BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer is a simple music player for Android which has a tab structure and different options for customization. This music player has an equalizer, different colorful widgets, scrobbling, no ads and interesting themes. This music player also provides support for many different extensions of music files. It’s elegant and has the minimum but smart features. It is not at all bulky and is an app worth trying!

Best Music Player Apps For Android

2- jetAudio HD

This all-time favorite music player app, the jetAudio, has a wide range of features to offer for its users. It’s simple but fantastic. With options of audio enhancements and plugins, you can alter the music according to your choice. It has an equalizer, options of effects including bass boost, widgets, and also a MIDI playback. It has both free and paid versions. However, the paid version will help you get rid of the useless ads.

Best Music Player Apps For Android

3- MediaMonkey

Price: Free

MediaMonkey has more features than any of the other music player apps. It has great organizational features including audiobooks, podcasts, and a composer. Therefore, this app lets you experiment and create new music which is a fantastic option.  It has an equalizer and it also lets you sync your phone’s music library from your computer to your phone using WiFi. With a simple interface but unique features, this app has been winning the hearts of millions!

4- n7player

n7player Music Player
Price: Free

If you want a creative collage style list of your favorite music in your phone which lets you scroll through, then this music player is the best choice. It has a 10-band equalizer, volume controls, a tag editor and other features. This music app layers definitely helps you manage your music, unlike any other app.

5- Neutron Music Player

Easily available on Google Play Store for download, this Neutron Music Player is the music app for the new generation. It might not be as popular as it deserves to be, but it’s surely worth a try! This music player has dynamic features like a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine which makes the sound of the music clearer and better. It supports all the different music files with various extension types including FLAC, MPC, etc. This app also has a built-in equalizer and many specific features which only this app offers. It might come as a bit expensive app, but it will easily become your go-to music player app once you try it.

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