Best iOS 9 Cydia Sources/Repos of 2014-2015-2016 [ Ever Green ] [Updated]


Best iOS 9 Cydia Sources / Repo added !

Today we have gathered a treat for iPhone and iPod user’s who love to customize their iPhone/iPad. There are many things about iPhone/iPad which make them better then many other devices, Jailbreak is the top best thing. Cydia is the biggest platform for unlimited tweaks, apps and themes, after Jailbreaking your devices you can add unlimited Repos. Following is the list of Best iOS 8 Cydia Sources/Repos of 2014-2015.


Best iOS 8 Cydia Sources/Repos of 2014-2015 [ Ever Green ]:

1. BiteYourApple Repo:

Bite your Apple provide you a variety of Themes, Ringtone and many more.


2. FilippoBiga

FilippoBiga give you freedom to change app icons like lock screen, folders, carrier logo, etc. FilippoBiga is a collection of exciting tweaks which let you customize your iPhone/iPad.


3. BigBoss Repository

BigBoss don’t need any intro without BigBoss there will be no Repos future. There are hundreds of repos in BigBoss Repository.


4. ModMyi Repository

ModMyi Repository is also very famous in Cydia, it give you most popular weaks, apps, themes and utilities.


5. xSellize Repository

If you like to play games like SEGA, NES, Racing Games and Gameboy. Then you must download xSellize Repository.


6. iHacksRepo Repository

iHacksRepo demand is getting more and more by the days, because this repo will give you the best tweaks and apps.


7. SiNful iPhone Repository

SiNful repo will give you most popular cracked tweaks and apps.


8. iPhoneCake Repository

iPhoneCake provide you all the games for free, that means after installing this repo you’ll get all the paid game for free.


9. iF0rce Repository

As we all know in iPhone/iPad we cannot send files through Bluetooth, but after installing the iForce repo you can easily share files using Bluetooth.


10. InsanelyiRepo Repository

InsanelyiRepo provides you mods and apps to customize your iPhone/iPad.


Best iOS 9 Cydia Sources/Repos 2016: [ Update 1 ]

  • Color Banners: Repo ( ).
  • Color switches:
  • EarphoneStatusBar:
  • Ethos:
  • IconArt:
  • KeyVibe:[ ]
  • Manilla: [ ]
  • Plain:
  • PhoneAppNoFav:
  • PictureInPicture: [ ]
  • Xaris:
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