Best Free File Manager Apps For Android 2020


File managers are an essential part of a computing device. Android devices are chosen by millions of users today as their primary gadgets. The reason behind this choice is the nature of Android devices, which can perform almost all basic tasks that one would perform using a computer. Greater technology is getting kidnapped into smaller pockets now, the smartphones of today are an example.

Android devices offer a variety of features. Storage space matters a lot on Android device and then comes the storage management. You need to keep your files organized and keep a track of files stored on your Android device. To do this, you need a file manager that does this job at its best.

Most of the manufacturers push a file manager in their devices, but manufacturers like HTC and Sony miss it. You need to use a third party file manager to meet your requirements. Also, when you install a custom ROM, the custom ROM has the minimum number of applications and at least one of the missing applications is a File Manager. Best Free File Manager Apps For Android 2018

Best Free File Manager Apps For Android 2020

There are over 1 million applications in the Google Play Store at the moment. 100s of those applications are File Managers. You may try installing, but it will take a while for you to figure out the one that suits your needs the best.

To save your time searching for best free file explorer/manager, we have pulled out 6 file managers, that are the best ones and meet the needs of an Android user, whether a novice user or an expert one. These file managers are not ranked based on a number of downloads or anything, but these are randomly chosen from the Play Store after having the best experience.


ES File Explorer File Manager ES File Explorer   

The best, free and most widely used File Explorer. ES File Explorer offers a variety of features that help it to become the top choice for Android users. ES File Explorer has been downloaded for over 300 million times so far. The File Explorer offers almost all basic features that a user would want.

These features include File Manager, Remote File Manager which allows you to control your device’s storage using your computer, ZIP and RAR support, Task Manager, Text viewer and editor etc. ES File Explorer also allows the root users to explore root directory of their device. This can be used to play with the system files of an Android device. You may download ES File Explorer from here.


ASTRO File Manager With CloudAstro File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is also chosen by millions of users. This file manager does what the name suggests. ASTRO comes with the Cloud modules in-built. It doesn’t matter on which cloud storage your files are stored, ASTRO is going to allow you to manage those files in the best possible way. Using the Cloud management option, you can also backup your files on the Cloud storage.

ASTRO File Manager offers a very efficient search feature as well. This file manager also comes with a Task Killer that offers better battery management. ASTRO File Manager comes inbuilt in a number of custom ROMs as well. ASTRO doesn’t provide access to the root access to the device. You may want to download ASTRO File Manager With Cloud from here.


File Manager (File Explorer)File manager

File Manager is a very simple and feature-rich file explorer. It allows users to perform all basic tasks with the files. These include cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename etc. File Manager also offers WiFi file transfer, which is one handy feature if you want to play with the files stored on your Android device using your PC.

This file explorer also offers Cloud storage options, users can use their Cloud storage accounts to backup and access files. File Manager offers multiple ways to sort and display files in an organized way. You can download File Manager (File Explorer) from here.


File Commander – File ManagerFile Commander

File Commander is another very well known file explorer used by millions of users. It works with all Android devices running Android 2.3 or higher. The File Commander is pretty light and easy to use a tool. It offers all the key features that a file manager should have. These

features include performing basic tasks with the files, sorting files and displaying them according to your needs. The File Commander also offers a powerful search feature to search your desired files on the go. Remote File Access & File Sharing, Folder & File Management are other key features of File Commander. You may download File Commander – File Manager using this link.



File manager by well-known developer Speed Software who are also behind the all-time famous Root Explorer. Explorer is the simplified version of the Root Explorer. The difference can be spotted seeing the names.

Explorer doesn’t provide access to the root directory of the device but performs all basic tasks with the files. It comes with an inbuilt text viewer and editor. Explorer also supports ZIP and RAR files. The Explorer also comes with Cloud Sync. Explorer offers multiple themes for a better UI. You may download Explorer for free using this link.


Root Browserroot browser

Just as the name suggests. Root Browser is meant to be for Android power users who like to access the root directory of their device and apply different tweaks. Root Browser offers a hefty list of features, which are mentioned below. Download Root Browser for free.


Two file manager panels
Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder
Explore apk, rar, zip & jar files
Change file permissions and ownership
View and edit any file
Move, copy, rename, and delete files.
Create and delete directories (folders).
Add new files & folders in any directory
Install zips using clockwork recovery
Execute script files
Show list of files with thumbnails for images.
Change the theme (double tap home button)
Sort by name, size & date
Extract single files from zip/apks/jars

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