Best Applications Like Installous to Install IPA Files


Since the Team has stopped supporting Installous and its further development, Installous and its related Repos and Tweaks are no longer available on Cyida. However Installous was such a great tweak, you can download IPA files using it, despite that it does not work for all, still everyone loved it and after the death of Installous, Jailbreak users are looking for alternate apps that can be used to do the work of Installous. We have compiled a list of alternate apps of Installous. Scroll down and choose the best for you.


1. iFunbox

iFunbox may not be able to compete with Installous but still it is one of the finest Installous alternates out there. The best part about this Application is that it comes in a desktop version, it is fun and easy to use. You don’t need to learn much about this app as you can either search within the app or the one you already downloaded.


vShare was once AppVV and it is pretty much has the resources of Installous. So, in a sense it is same as Installous with some changes in the interface but vShare requires you to download Appsync on Cydia, that means you need to add “” repo to Cydia.

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3.IPA Search

You can Visit IPA Search from your Phone and search for valid IPA files from the server. This Installous alternate is not very famous, but it is quite versatile and good in bringing working and relevant results. If you are looking for something to download IPA files either on your device or PC, this is the best way to do so.


AppCake is one of the most popular alternate for Installous. What makes it very good is that it usage is quite similar to Installous, so users who used installous before will find it quite familiar.AppCake comes from the iphonecake repo which is quite popular too.

5.IPA Installer Console

There is a Cydia Tweak called IPA Installer Console that allows you to download IPA files and edit the iTuneMetadata.plist file to stop further updates. The default repo doesn’t allow such things to happen and it feels strange, but IPA Installer Console works just fine. Not only that, but IPA Console also allows you to run apps on a device not supported officially by the app.


It is relatively a new app compare to others and works similar to Apptrackr, it is an online service, allow you to install several cracked apps, if you visit the website using your iPhone, you will be able to get the iOS version of the Site making it easier to find and download apps.

7.IpaStore is another service that hosts a lot of Cracked apps you can try on your iPhone, as Appaddict and Apptackr, you can download the cracked apps form secured sources, but the website itself serves as a large repo for app discovery.

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