7 Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad 2016


Here are the Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad 2016. iOS devices are mostly connected to the internet in order to use basic programs and apps. While that is a necessity, of course, your iPhone and iPad devices need to be protected from the malicious and harmful programs that constantly try to invade your devices. Everyone understands the need to have the Best Antivirus For  your iPhone and iPad devices. When are so many different Antivirus programs by various developers claiming to be the best, how would you choose the Best and good Antivirus For iPhone, iPad? We have analyzed different Antivirus available for iOS devices and come up with the Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad. These Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad come with excellent security features as well as some other additional features as well. You can choose any of the Antivirus from the list of Best Antivirus for iPhone and iPad 2016 below.



Best Antivirus for iPhone in 2016:

Avast Secure Me:


First up in the list is Avast Secure Me which is developed by the top and reliable antivirus and security brand Avast. The Antivirus has proven to be quite effective and is capable of securing your private data and protecting your device from malicious software and virus while you work on the internet. The program stays active at all times and notifies you immediately of any threats especially while your device is connected to a public or unsecure internet connection.

McAfee Mobile Security:


This next Antivirus does not only protect your iOS device over the internet but it also protects your private documents and personal data from being accessed by any snooper in your nearby zone. You will be immediately notified if anyone tries to access the shielded data in your phone. The program also includes a backup system including Secure vault that lets you secure all of your media files and pictures directly into the McAfee secure cloud.

Lookout Mobile Security:


If you are clumsy and prone to losing your phone, this is one program that you should have installed. Lookout takes backup of your data on regular basis and is helpful in case of theft or loss. The app is capable of locating your phone within seconds even ifyour device is on silent mode as well as it saves the last location of your phone in case the battery drains out. You can also retrieve your important data in case you have lost data on your phone under any circumstances.

Norton Mobile Security:


Another reputable and effective Antivirus recommended for your iPhone and iPAd is Norton Mobile which constantly scans your device for any external threats and malware as well as takes a regular backup of your data. Additionally, the program is also useful in case you lose your device. It will save the last location of your device, trigger alarm and locate it using internet connection.

Avira Mobile Security:


Next in the list is Avira, a smart Antivirus that not only protects your emails and other data from being invaded but also keeps a track of your device, has an extensive dashboard to let you manage your device alongwith 4 other devices that can be located through Avira in case of loss or theft.

F-Secure Safe:


F-Secure is effective when it comes to inline surfing. You donot have to worry about invaders or threats while using internet on your phone as long as you have your device protected via F-Secure. You will be immediately notified if you try to browse a threatened website. The program also includes ‘Parental control’ feature to protect your children from seeing any inappropriate stuff on the internet.

360 Security:


Lastly, we have 360 Security which is also one of the recognized and reliable Antivirus brand. This is an all in one Antivirus and device manager. You do not have to worry about scanning your phone for duplicate media files or pictures that take up unwanted space. It also includes a battery optimization feature to keep the apps from draining your device’s battery.

These were some of the most reliable, effective and Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad that not only protect your device from malware but also include some other useful features like data backup, locate your phone feature in case of loss or theft and other additional features. Get any of the above mentioned Best Antivirus For iPhone, iPad 2016Because your iPhone or iPad is as vulnerable to threat as your PC or laptop.

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