10 Best Android Antivirus Apps in 2020 – Protect your Android phone from viruses


Android is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system having millions of apps making the Android device user-friendly. As it is an open-source operating system, it does have a vast development platform. Every now and then, something new is discovered every minute in the world of Android.  At present, Android has become the need of the hour. The Android apps are awesome to use, the games are good to play. Now, who doesn’t like to get hands-on a device having Android OS running on it?10 Best & Free Antivirus for your Android Smartphone

As mentioned above, Google’s Android OS has outnumbered all the other operating systems in the market. The users have always loved the functionality, smoothness and quality of Android.

When it comes to the usage of a mobile phone having Android running on it, one of the biggest concerns is the protection of the device’s OS. It is important to protect the user’s data from malicious attacks and malware. Google Play Store has tons of apps loaded in it serving different purposes.

Although Google ensures the user’s security and checks each and every application available in the Google Play Store for any type of malware/viruses still many of the applications can hit the device by malware attacks unknowingly – this results in the lag in device’s working. The other way for the malware to hit your smartphone is by browsing the internet.

While you are busy with the web pages on your phone’s browser, you never know when a malware lands in and thus makes your smartphone slow. Some automated scripts on the websites, and in the applications are also capable of stealing your personal data e.g contacts, messages so it is necessary to have an app installed which keeps a watch on all this and keeps you informed about all the ongoing activities inside your device.

10 Best Android Antivirus Apps 2020

Following the growing need of the users, I’ve compiled up the 10 best Android Antivirus Apps for Android available on the Play Store here in this post. Many of the users get confused while choosing the right app, you may not get confused here as all of these apps are the same when it comes to the functionality the difference is only with the brand name. I haven’t ranked the applications in numerical order as these apps have the same potential, so just go with the one you like.


AntiVirus Security – by AVG MobileAVG

You must be familiar with the computer’s best Antivirus software – AVG Antivirus. The best mobile Antivirus application available on the Google Play Store. Antivirus Security by AVG Mobile ensures the user’s security and privacy. It scans the storage, checks the applications for malware and also has an online scanner. It keeps the device clean and always scans the web page a user is browsing in order to block any malicious content.

The app also allows users to enhance the performance of their smartphones by monitoring the battery, storage, and package data usage. AVG Mobile also has a feature that allows the users to find or locate their lost or stolen phone through Google Maps. If you are looking for an AntiVirus to install on your smartphone, then Antivirus Security by AVG Mobile is the best to go with. Download it for Free Here.


Mobile Security & Antivirus – by AVAST SoftwareScreenshot_1

AVAST – the name you must be familiar with and if you are not, you may not have used a PC yet. The well-known software has joined Android as well to play its role regarding the device’s security and the user’s privacy. The functionality of the Mobile Security & Antivirus is same as that of the one by AVG but it has got some additional features like Backing up the contacts, messages, call logs, photos etc.

This app also allows the users to check the malicious calls and messages, offers the users to block unwanted numbers. Mobile Security & Antivirus is a must have Antivirus app on your Android Smartphone in case you are looking for one. Download it for Free Here



Norton Security antivirus – by NortonMobileNorton

Another PC Antivirus brand has come up providing its services for Android devices. Norton Security antivirus sports the features as same as those of AVG and AVAST. These include anti-theft which allows the users to locate, lock or wipe the device remotely. Norton allows the users to control the security for all of their devices having it installed on one website. It also sports the contacts back up feature.

The antivirus features help to improve the device performance, spy the apps for any malicious activity and keep a watch on the websites while browsing. As the brand name and the company ”Symantec” are much trusted and popular you can go without any hesitation. Download it Here for Free.



Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite – by Kaspersky LabsKasperSKy

The most powerful and best Antivirus for your PC has finally made it’s way to Android. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite has the Anti-theft and Anti-Virus features. These features allow the users to scan their phones just like other antivirus applications mentioned above. The Anti-theft feature allows the users to remotely lock/wipe their device in case it is lost or stolen. It also has the call and SMS filters. Download it Here for Free




Avira Free Android Security – by AVIRAAVIRA

One of the awesome, and my favorite Antivirus for the computer – is now available for Android. It hosts features like Blacklisting Functionalities, Device Administration and of course Anti-theft and Anti-virus. It is a good choice to go with, Download it Here for Free.




NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus – by NQ Mobile Security (NYSE: NQ)NQ

NQ Mobile security has been popular among Android users for a quite long time now. It hosts the Antivirus, Anti-theft, Back up, Call & SMS filters features. It is one of the most trusted Android Antivirus applications as well so you may stick to it.  Download it Here for Free.





Dr.Web Anti-virus Light – by Dr. Web Ltd. Dr WEb

A light, simple and easy to use Antivirus for your Android device. Allows the users to perform a full or quick scan. It makes a light impact on the operating system. Dr.Web also helps the users to improve the battery performance of their device. If you are looking for a less complex Antivirus application then Dr. Web Anti-virus light is the best to go with. Download it for Here for Free




McAfee Antivirus & Security – by McAfee Mobile SecurityMcAfee

The award-winning Antivirus is now available for Android. Much similar to the other Antivirus applications, this application also ensures the device’s security and the user’s privacy. It helps to scan and remove any malicious data from the device. Furthermore, it has the anti-theft features which allow the users to locate/track, lock and wipe the data from the device remotely. It also features an Alarm feature which helps to locate the device if it’s hiding nearby. Download it Here for Free.  




Antivirus Free – by Comodo Security Solutions.Comodo

You may be familiar with Comodo Antivirus for PC – one of the best ranked among the computer freaks. This antivirus is now available for Android as well and is up on the Google Play Store for free download. As mentioned above the working, functionality, and features of almost all these antiviruses are same so you may not get confused with what to choose. Comodo is there for you as a good choice, go with it – Download it Here for Free.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free – by BitdefenderBitdefender

Another award-winning Antivirus for your Android smartphone/tablet. The Bitdefender is simple, light and easy to use application. Its main features include Unparalleled Detection, Feather-Light Performance, Hassle-Free Operation and Zero Configuration. In terms of an easy and lighter application, Bitdefender is the Antivirus for you. Download it Here for Free.

We would love your feedback regarding the Antivirus applications listed above. Feel free to leave your comments below 🙂 Have a great day!

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