5 Best Free Android Voice Changer Apps in 2020


Take a look at the best free Android Voice Changer Apps of 2020. The Android Voice Changer Apps are hand-picked after a lot of research.

Feeling like pranking friends? Or you just want to record some goofy sounds. We’ve compiled the list of best Android Voice Changer Apps that work for both prank calls and personal recordings. Additionally, some of these apps allow users to add background sound effects like rain, snoring, or some funky effects. 

Whether someone wants to prank call with voice changer on Android with a celebrity’s voice or just a cartoonish funny voice, there are options for all. Note that you should only use these kind of voice changers for fun, especially when calling. 

 Below is the list for Voice changer Android Apps for calls and recordings. Not every app works with call though. Also note that most of these apps only offer limited number of features with free version. If you want unlimited access to all voices and call time, then make sure to unlock the premium subscription. However, you can still use most of these apps for free.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

1: Voice changer with effects

best free voice changer apps for android

Voice Changer by Baviux is one of the simplest yet very effective solution. It offers a huge number of options for modifying the voice. Either record your speech and then apply an effect afterwards or use a pre-recorded voice clip.

Additionally, use a text document and apply sound effects to it as well. This is a cool feature if someone does not want to record something themselves. Just apply the AI/Computer voiceover and then a sound effect to it. 

Once recorded and modified, share any voice clip directly on WhatsApp. It is something like Voice notes or something very close to it. The only downside to it is the fact that there is no live call option.

play store button2: MagicCall – Real-time Call Voice Changer for Android

best android voice changer apps

Want to prank call with voice changer on Android? And then share that recording with friends? And even hide your number so the victims have no clue? Well, MagicCall is the complete package. It is one of the most appropriate apps for making voice changer calls to anyone in the world. 

The most notable feature of MagicCall is the fact that users can actually hide or mask their number while calling. This ensure the fact that you friend is totally fooled and you can get few laughs. 

Want to share laughs with other friends too? Then save the recordings of these calls and share those either via WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media. 

The only downside to this app is that it uses its own credits. The first time users get free credits for calls. However, once these are over, you need to subscribe and get more credits to make calls. This service works directly in about 80 countries. 

play store button3: Voice Changer (AndroidRock)

best prank call app for android voice changer

AudioRock’s Voice Changer is one of the oldest in business. It offers simple and intuitive interface. Just record a voice note and then apply an effect from given list. This list contains effects like robot, Chipmunk, Child, Old man, Martian, Chorus, Bee, Foreigner, Nervous, Drunk, Valley, Church, Telephone, Underwater, Twisted tongue, Duck, Creepy movie, Devil, Big robot, Small robot, Alien, Giant, Fan, Big Alien, Hoarse.

AudioRock claims that their robot voice effect is the most ‘authentic’ among other options. However, we are not so sure about this claim. Since there is no actual robot voice to begin with, therefore, we are not sure how something can be authentic and close to original. All of these effects are just imagination or what a robot may sound like. However, other effects like hoarse, old man, baby etc do stand out.

play store button4: Call Voice Changer

android voice changer call app

Pretty much every live voice changer for calls on Android on Play Store does not work directly on out number. These apps make calls from their own servers where voice is processed and then transmitted to other user. Call Voice Changer by Telestar is no exception. All new users get few free minutes only. After that, you need to pay for the minutes to use for future prank calls.

In order to make a voice changed call on Android, first install this app from Play Store. Next up, make sure that your phone is connected to a fast internet connection. It used VoIP protocol to make calls. It is similar to what Skype uses. Therefore, if the connection is slow, there’ll be high delay in when you say it and when the recipient hears it. Once all of this is sorted, just enter the number of person you want to call and wait for the servers to connect to it.

Since it calls from servers, the call recipient won’t be able to tell right away who’s calling. They’ll most probably see a hidden number. This makes everything about prank calls even more interesting.

play store button5: VoiceFX – Live Android Voice Changer

live stream voice changer android

Want to use the voice changer on games, live streams or even singing? Well, VoiceFX is a cool solution that allows users to live stream their changed voice either through headphones, phone speakers or even web browser. The only downside is that there is a noticeable delay when sound clip travels from phone to web browser. When using with headphones, the sound delay is minimal and therefore quite usable.

The number of sound effects available is not mammoth. However, you get pretty much all basic types including AutoTune, Woman, Make, Strong voice, Baby and Robot. 

In order to live stream your voice to PC or any other web browser, make sure that phone and the live streaming target are connected to same router. Otherwise, it will not work. Once set up, just open VoiceFX App, tap on options menu button on left top corner. Select live streaming option from here. Then enter the given IP Address at bottom in web browser. From here on. anything you say on phone will automatically play on the browser.

play store buttonConclusion

When searching for Voice Changer apps for Android, you may come across a lot of fake apps. These apps just charge money and then do not work. Therefore, use one of the apps mentioned in list above. Since Voice Processing is not one of the hottest techs for Android, it is quite hard to find apps that actually work.

A lot of people want voice changer apps for prank calls only. These options are available too. The only difference is that these apps make calls via private servers and calling number is hidden from recipients. This could both add to the mystery or just bust your bubble. Moreover, you need a fast internet connection for it work. Otherwise, the delay in call would be massive.

Feel free to leave your feedback and experience in the comments sections below.

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