Best free Android Video Editor Apps in 2020


Take a look at the best free Android Video Editor Apps of 2020. These Android Video Editor Apps are hand-picked after a lot of research.

Influencers, Content creators, Social media stars and Journalists alike all use Android Video Editor Apps to keep their audience engaged. Some users only use these apps to make some casual clips for Instagram stories, Twitter clips. TikTok users use some advanced tools to gain recognition with super creative clips. Similarly, some YouTubers and journalists use tools to quickly compile and share video clips on their respective accounts and websites.

The capacity of today’s smartphones allows us to even record and edit videos in 4K resolution. This achievement must not be downplayed. It may not seem like it but in very little time, 4K would be the standard resolution in most parts of the world. Therefore, it is super important to make ever-lasting content in best possible resolution. 

I have compiled a list of best free video editor apps for Android below. Although, all of these apps are free to use, they still come with a premium membership option. The premium versions come with a lot of high-end features. Therefore, always take a trial run of the app’s free version before purchasing it. Another important thing to consider is the fact that video editing on Android phones and tablets is not seen in same space as a laptop or PC. It is mainly used for quick edits. Therefore, a good user interface and ease-of-use are two main priorities. It does not matter if an editing app comes with countless features. If the interface is not good enough for touchscreen, it may not appeal to most people.

Best Video Editor Apps for Android

1: KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

best android video editing apps

KineMaster is arguably the most comprehensive Video Editor designed for Android and touchscreen interface. It offers features like Chrome Key, Videos Blending Modes, Speed Control, Transitions, Background music, Voiceovers and much more. Since it is so easy to use, even a non-technical user finds it super easy to make the most out of it.

The maximum output resolution for a video is 4K at 30fps. And this one of the highest resolution videos we find on YouTube. Therefore, even if someone wants to upload their vlogs on YouTube at 4K, KineMaster would happily do the job.

The free users get limited access to premium assets like background music, effects etc. Moreover, a watermark is added to videos exported on free version. If you like this app, then subscribe to either its annual or monthly subscription.

2: Magisto

best free android video editing apps

Want to turn boring videos and photos into attention-grabbing social media videos? Magisto is one of the best tools to produce coolest videos without putting much effort. Its smart AI handles half the editing process for you. Just choose from built-in filters and templates and input your pictures or video clips. magisto uses magic to transform these boring and standalone assets into something unique and creative. 

The premium members get access to music snippets which is licensed for commercial use. Moreover, you can output longer videos. Social media influencers, YouTube vloggers, TikTok users, and even casuals love Magisto for how easy it is to use but how good the results are.

3: VivaVideo

best free video editing tools android

This is one of the most reviewed Android Video Editors Apps. It is free to use and works well for making slideshows, mini video clips and special effect videos. Either import videos from gallery or just shoot with VivaVideo itself. You can implement multiple filters and effects when shooting from the app itself.

The developers of VivaVideo implemented WYSIWYG interface. This means “What you see is what you get”. For an Android interface and especially mobile, it is one of the best things to do. Unlike PC, where we have huge screen to work on and powerful processor to render in real-time, it is not as easy on a smartphone. Therefore, VivaVideo does a really good job at making video editing on mobile feel easier and accessible. 

4: Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, Music

best free video editor for android

GoPro users love to share their best footage as fast and without any hassle. However, the traditional editing takes very long. True to its name, Quik is the best tool to manage and edit GoPro videos on Android itself. Moreover, edit the videos stored in phone’s gallery too. Or just combine both and make some amazing art pieces. 

The compatible GoPro cameras with Quik are HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+, HERO3+, HERO3 and HERO 2018. The quick tools in Quik editor automatically detect previously shot footage in 24 or 72 hours and compiles and shareable video. Its intelligent software detects smiles, jumps, eyes, water and other stimulants to select best possible moments. After initial video, use HiLights to choose memories and moments of your own choice. 

Overall, Quik is true to its name. If anyone is looking for a fast and automatic video editor for Android, then this might be the one!

5: FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

best free android video editor apps

Just like the previous choice, FilmoraGO is good for quick and painless video editing on Android device. It is fast, super easy to use and reliable. For beginners, just select photos/videos, music, title and let FilmoraGo handle the rest. It will cook up a good-looking video that you can either export in 1:1 ratio for Instagram or 16:9 ratio for YouTube, Facebook and other media. 

The advanced features like adding transitions, reversing the video, controlling video speed, special effects are available too. However, you may need to dig a bit deeper for use these features. Edit the pre-made videos and add your own titles, sub-texts, music clips, voiceovers and much more. Easily controls the timeline, background music and frame-by-frame effects.

6: Adobe Premiere Clip

best android video editor apps android

On PC side of things, Adobe Premiere is an unrivaled kind for video editing. Anything that one can think of, is possible in this software. Adobe Premiere Clip is a gateway to its big brother. Of course, it cannot be as powerful and as feature rich, but it is still one of the best video editors on Android by comparison.

Just like any good Android Video Editing app, you can add images, sound track and title for it to output a video automatically, The enhanced software automatically detects best angles and moments to put into final clip. Video Editing on Android not about how many features there are, it is mainly just about how easy and accessible it is to use. 

When creating slideshows, use features like Photo Motion to add dynamic feel to the final product. Moreover, use amazing background music and sound effects to liven up your content. This app works well for both casuals and serious content creators. Whether you’re making a birthday video for a friend or a quick vlog to post on YouTube, Adobe Premiere Clip is certainly the way to go.

How to choose a Video Editing App for Android?

User Interface

A mobile Video Editor is only as good as its interface. Even if an app is filled with thousands of incredible features but those are super-difficult to find and use, not a lot of people are going to love it. Of course, experts and hardcore users still find a way around. However, the casuals and those who are just looking for a fast editing experience, definitely need a better interface.

Required Features or Personal Requirements

When choosing a video editor as daily driver for yourself, make sure that your and app’s goals really collide. For example, a GoPro use should go for Quik. Similarly, if someone just wants to create slideshows and small clips from photos, then VivaVideo and Adobe Premiere Clip are good options. Similarly, hardcore video editors should fully explore an app and see if it matches their requirements or not. 

Rendering Options

With the technology moving forward at such a high pace, vloggers and social media influencers need to keep their content modern too. It is not always just about the content. Imagine a top vlogger posting videos in 240p resolution in 2020. Most people won’t even bother giving it a try. 

Therefore, always try to make the videos look as sharp and smooth as possible. Now-a-days, the 1080p at 60fps is most popular form of video resolution on YouTube. In coming time, 4K would become as common and therefore, the content creators need to be proactive about this stuff.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of Android Video Editors that appeal to all sorts of audience. You can find the perfect match for your video editing needs right here in this list. 

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