5 Bezel-Less Cheaper Smartphone Options Besides iPhone X


Apple released iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X in its 10th-anniversary launch event just three days back. But, the phone that took away all the limelight was iPhone X and it almost or rather literally seems like Apple launched only one model and that’s iPhone X.

Most of the specs and features of iPhone X are not entirely new rather they are more like coping up with the leading Android technology to save its name and user base. But, like always people are losing their minds, both for the technology and the price tag with which it comes; a good grand $1000.

Now is the new iPhone X really worth that amount or you can save up your kidney and look for cheaper options with all the same features in android! Here’s a list down of 5 comparatively cheaper iconic bezel-less smartphones;

1- The quintessential glory, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+

If you don’t know this, let us break it to you that the bezel-less feature was first used by Samsung in S8 and S8+ (does that make you cringe for Apple? It sure does! ) with a slight modification. Note 8, has a screen display of 6.3 inches with smaller and steeper edges so that maximum space can be made for the use of the signatory stylus S pen on the screen.

These phones exhibit one of the highest ration of screen-to-body which makes the entire look of the phone sleet, sledge and of course curvy! And these screens are slightly curved, which allows you to bend it till certain degree, courtesy of the amazing AMOLED technology.

2- The Sensational, Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is all about compactness, construction, and incredible designing! The uniqueness of this phone’s bezel-less feature is that, with its wide screen-to-body ration, the designers have made a small “notch” for the camera placement. This gives the entire look of the phone a literal spice.  The Essential phone is one amazingly designed phone, but it surely misses apt branding and it runs on a simple Android version without delays in timely updates.

3- The Landmarks, LG V30, and LG G6

LG has been doing some serious business with improving its display game! It has been known for its wide screens since the day it has hit the smartphone and Android market.  V30 is the iconic phone by LG for the year 2017. With its bezel-less large 6 inches edge-to-edge display, it has been making ripples in the market. It has its fingerprint available just beneath the camera at the back of the phone.

LG G6, on the other hand, has a full 5.7 inch display, but it lacks some of the camera features and few others as compared to LG V30 (obviously!) With its perfect metal built and a glass sleek appearance, it sure does make up for some of the lacking as it comes at a fairly lower price than LGV30 and also looks a lot like the V30 as well.

4- The Deal Breaker, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Arguably, besides Samsung being the trendsetter for bezel-less, Xiaomi was the first ever company to actually introduce bezel-less feature (only if it had a big name, Samsung could’ve never stolen theglory). Since Xiaomi has the magic formula, this year it has come up with the Mi Mix 2 phone which has, even more, fewer bezels and looks even more sleek and perfect. With its 6 inch display, it has a screen-to-body ratio of 18:9. The phone has some amazing striking features that can definitely make anyone think twice.

5- The Glory Of Its Own, Huawei Mate 10

FunFact: Huawei has just recently been claimed as the second largest smartphone manufacturing company with the maximum number of sold units! And yes, it just overtook Apple in this regard.

Huawei has its high-end phone Mate 10 in the release pipeline. And it is being expected that with this phone, Huawei is trying to out-do all of its previous abilities in terms of phone design and specs. It has the smoothest performance of 60fps, a Kirin 970 Neural Engine Chip, sleek gestures features and a lot more!

The phone would be released on October 16th in Munich, Germany, which is still earlier than the pre-order date of iPhone X which is October 27th

With all these amazing Android options highly competitive and some even better than the iPhone X, you can now certainly make a better, wise and a cheaper choice for your next smartphone edition. Good luck!

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