How To Fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” On Samsung Galaxy

Samsung always remained under severe criticism because of its TouchWiz Home launcher. Over the past few years, we saw great improvements in the Galaxy devices, but users always got disappointed when it came to the software running on these devices. At first, Samsung Galaxy devices include a lot of bloatware apps, and then its the TouchWiz Home launcher that slows it down further. TouchWiz Home is lags at times and doesn’t respond. A very simple solution to get rid of the TouchWiz issues is to use some other launcher from the Play Store, but then you will loose the stock touch, look and feel of the device. While most of the users chose to stick to the stock TouchWiz Home launcher, they need to resolve the issues with this launcher.

A very common issue that occurs with the TouchWiz Home Launcher is the force stop error. You might come across this “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” error while using your device normally, and you might have to restart your device to get rid of this as it simply hangs the device. But what if the issue comes up again after restarting the device and doesn’t go away at any cost? You need a different solution in this case. If you’re having this issue right at the moment and you came here while looking for a solution. You made the right choice.Screenshot at Jun 15 17-59-55

We are going to fix the “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” issue in the following post. Let’s move ahead and solve this right away. The following solutions will work on all Samsung Galaxy Devices whether your device is running on Android Gingerbread, JellyBean, KitKat or Lollipop. 

How To Fix “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” On Samsung Galaxy

  1. First of all you need to boot your device in safe mode. To do so turn off your device completely.
  2. Now turn it on, while it boots up, keep the volume down key pressed.
  3. Leave the key as soon as your phone completely boots up. You will find “Safe Mode” notification on the bottom left. Now you’re set to fix the TouchWiz Home.
  4. Now while you’re in the safe mode, tap the app drawer and navigate to settings app.
  5. In settings open application manager > now open all applications > select TouchWiz Home.
  6. You will have TouchWiz Home settings now. Wipe TouchWiz Home data and cache.
  7. Now reboot your device.
  8. Your issue should be resolve now.



  1. If the solution written above doesn’t help you, you may try wiping your device’s cache.
  2. To do so, simply turn off your phone.
  3. Now turn it on while pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Key.
  4. Leave the keys as soon as your device boots up.
  5. Now using Volume Up & Down keys navigate to Wipe Cache Partition, select it using Power Key and wipe it.
  6. Once you’ve wiped it, reboot your device and check if your issue has been resolved or not.
  7. That’s all.

That’s all. If your issue still persists, reach us out through the comment box below. We will try to help you out. Thank you all.

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  • gaurav

    samsung galaxy j2 is a load of crap, the touchwiz problem is still there , can you please advise what else can be done

  • jeff

    Method 1 just wiped all apps off all pages except home page and i still get error message and cant put anything back on pages. Now i have 4 blank pages. Can you tell me how to fix this

    • @disqus_qa40uxt2s0:disqus boot into recovery and clear the cache of your phone. If this doesn’t help, then flash a stock firmware, the issue should be resolved.

      • jeff

        I ended up installing a different launcher instead. Thanks for the help though.

  • Kevin Grewcock

    I have just followed method 1, which doesn’t seem to have worked. However, 7 pages of apps, folders, widgets and shortcuts to Internet pages haves all disappeared. Thanks a lot for the warning. NOT. This is going to take days/weeks to get it back to somewhere near what it was ?????

    • @kevingrewcock:disqus try wiping your cache and dalvik cache.. your phone should be back to normal.

      • or else you can try a different launcher to get those pages back.

      • Kevin Grewcock

        How do you do that? I have started putting things back, will that affect things?

        • @kevingrewcock:disqus just install a new launcher from Google Play Star. You can try the Google Home Launcher or the Nova Launcher to resolve this issue. Best of luck.

  • Hime-chan

    All the theme elements of several themes have gotten mixed up on my galaxy S6 phone after I ran a software update. After the update it says Touchwiz has stopped and the phone switches off automatically at random times.The notification panel is of a different theme and the the keyboard is from a different theme.

  • Hime-chan

    The phone switches off if I change my theme.

  • Hime-chan

    All the theme elements of several themes have gotten mixed up on my galaxy S6 phone after I ran a software update. After the update it says Touchwiz has stopped and the phone switches off automatically at random times.The notification panel is of a different theme and the the keyboard is from a different theme.

    • @gayathirir312:disqus use a different launcher like Nova Launcher or Google Home.

      • Hime-chan

        Thanks 🙂

  • Wanda Rutherford Covington

    just exactly does “wipe” mean?

    • @wandarutherfordcovington:disqus Wipe means clear here.

  • Wanda Rutherford Covington

    Well, it didn’t work. Sorry (for me)

  • Nazariy

    I have a ‘slightly’ more severe problem. Every time I turn on my device (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) I type in my password and log in. The screen after that is all black and the error “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” appears, after I pass through the error, I can see my top bar where all notifications are and I can go there. If I try to activate any app (even setings) it will freeze, the error returns and the only option left is to resart it. Do ya got a fix for that?

    • @disqus_GxCqINsZ17:disqus you can try clearing cache and dalvik cache using a custom recovery. That might help, if that fails as well then you will have to flash a stock firmware only.

  • ayu

    hello. same problem here. unfotunately, touchWiz Home has stopped. But i even cannot click app button. every time click, same error appeared. so i cannot go to setting or what ever apps.. pls helps. I’m using samsung A5.

    • @disqus_icIDIlR6uT:disqus did you install any third party launcher recently? If so then uninstall it. If you havent already cleared cache/dalvik cache, then flash a custom recovery and wipe dalvik cache as it can be helpful.

      • ayu

        It happened after i updated latest lollipop version.

  • Abidi M.

    Thanks a lot bro.. very helping me

  • smile

    thanks so much bro…. its really helps me a lots…..

  • BJ

    Hi – similar issue but with a Galaxy Tab A. will operate in safe mode, navigated to the applications manager page, but nothing shows up as TouchWiz. Have cleared the cache files, and deleted / shutdown anything not used but same behavior. It will start up and operate for about 10 – 15 seconds before the dialog box with TochWiz not operating shows up.
    Any suggestions?

    • @disqus_pcbB1uRZIa:disqus perform a factory reset or flash a stock firmware if nothing resolves the issue.

      • BJ

        After multiple reboots and an evening on the charger the issue cleared up on its own. This has given me the opportunity to backup data before I reflash.

  • Masri Zal

    I have did it but my phone J7 still error touchwiz home……please help me…thanks before …..

  • arif latif

    hi first of all thanks for the conversation.. but mine not working.. i tried both method but still can’t remove error touchwiz.. im using samsung a5.. can u help me.. tq in advance

    • @disqus_QFdplMCPUE:disqus Try flashing a new stock firmware, that’s the final solution that you can try.

      • Ally

        How do you flash a new stock firmware?

  • Jismon j mathew

    help guys !!!my micromax unite 3 showing error like touchwix is not working ?and my phone full screen is blank in black only the notifications scroll down is

  • Jismon j mathew

    hai friendz any one help me , ma micromax unite 3 is showing error touchwiz home is not working and phone’s screen is black blank nothing is displayed , only setting is working

  • Terry McCann

    Thank You! Easy Fix after your kind instructions. 10/10 for helping me.

  • Keerthi Reddy

    I am facing the problem even after performing both the methods which you mentioned above. It is displaying on the screen like Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has been stopped and off the screen. How to solve the issue on Samsung jalaxy J2.

  • Craig Goslan

    Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I didn’t get it working on my J3, but I installed Apex Launcher instead and that sorted the problem

  • Scarlett Romero

    samsung galaxy j1 miniprime has the touchwiz problem still there, may you please advise me what else can be done?

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