Xiaomi working on developing their own Pinecone processcors

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is working on building their own processors. Xiomi to date has been working on developing smartphones, their MI Mix device was impressive, proving the how innovation is one of the top values that the company always works on. Now Xiaomi is working towards building processors which at the moment are being dubbed at Pinecone processors.

Xiaomi isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer to dip its toes in the SoC manufacturing business. Apple, Samsung and Huawei develop their own chipsets and also get to supply it to other smartphones manufacturers. Now it seems as if Xiamoi will be ditching Qualcomm and MediaTek processors and bring their own customized SoC on board their devices.

This would definitely work out to Xiaomi’s advantage. Firstly, they wouldn’t have to wait for other suppliers to provide them with the required components. Consider the example for Qualcomm 835 chipset, Samsung was able to get their hands on the early supply of this powerful chipset, leaving other manufacturers in dust. Well LG couldn’t get hold of the Snapdragon 835 SoC in time for the mass production of LG G6, so they had to go with Snapdragon 821.

Secondly, building their own processors will be quite cost effective. Xiaomi will not have to procure the parts from different suppliers, an in-house chipset will end up controlling the costs for manufacturing the device. Thirdly, Xiomi will be able to develop processors that are built according to the devices that they make. This will result in improving the functions and features of any Xiaomi device, as engineers will be testing and working with their own devices, they will know what to do to optimize the performance.

Xiaomi needs to ensure that their products are able to beat the competition. To do that they will have to work tirelessly both on the production and integration of the SoC with their devices. There is a chance that Xiaomi’s upcoming device Mi 6 will make use of its own Pinecone processor.



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