Top 5 Sketching Apps for Android Phones

Art is so diverse that resides in our hearts in one way or the other. Since childhood doodling and sketching has been our all time favorite. A creative activity, helping us display our thoughts on a piece of paper not only to enjoy, but as a pass time favorite hobby.

From beginners to people who do not even know anything related to sketching and designing can also enjoy it, whereas the best part is that, you really don’t need to rush to the stationary shop to get a sketch book and even a brush or a pencil. Android is full of such apps which we can be used for this purpose specifically. The best and most suitable sketching app can be judged by seeing the user interface of the app and the features it provides. Here are some of the best Android sketching apps that we will be discussing, from the Android market.

Doodledroid- Paint and Sketch

Doodledroid - paint and sketch

Doodledroid is a diverse sketching app which is available with full version, with no advertisement pop-ups and no in-app purchases. In short, every feature is there for your use. The app is best suited for both Tablets and smartphones. You can use six different tools including Brush, Pencil, Crayon, Eraser, Pen and Smudge. It supports landscape mode as well portrait, also full featured color palette to play with all your favorite colors. You can use pinch to pan or zoom to add details to your artwork. The app is diverse and very easy to use.

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Sketch Master 

Sketch Master

With several sketching tools and features, Sketch Master falls into the professional sketching application category. The app has a simple user interface with smart features. The app includes 7 brush tools with smooth brush strokes and text addition. A very important feature is Layers i.e. you can work on several layers; duplicate, merge, reorder as well as work with Layer visibility and opacity. You can swipe slide the palettes which are professionally arranged. You can also share your beautiful artwork with your friends on social media sites or save it on the SD card.

Sketch n Go

Sketch 'n' go

Sketch n Go is a sketching application with simple user interface which allows you to use more than 10 different types of pencils and brushes. The app has introduced amazing tools and undo feature which is helpful in creating a superb sketch. Moreover, you also have the option to work with colors as well. You can save the sketches on your SD card or Dropbox as well share them with friends through Facebook, Picasa and email.



Sketcher lies in the top 5 sketching apps in the android market. It comes up with 12 types of brushes and eraser. You can use the Undo and Redo option multiple times until you get the best artwork you have imagined. You also have the pan and zoom feature to add details along with color palette with transparency. The canvas size is also adjustable. You can use different modes for your artwork including normal, color background and blueprint, etc. The share feature is also available in the app. 

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Sketchbook Express

SketchBook Express

Sketchbook Express is another awesome sketching app with a bold user interface. You can make an artwork with every possible color you can imagine. You can work with 15 types of brushes including floodfill. The app makes you work with 2500% zoom in feature. Moreover, you can use up to 3 layers to work on also enabling import of layers from gallery and camera. The layer can be merged, toggled and the opacity can be controlled on each layer. Other features include 4 different draw styles, adding text and dynamic symmetric drawing. Once your artwork is ready you can save it as well as directly share it on Facebook or deviantART.

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