How to get rounded corners on Google Pixel 2


Here’s how you can get rounded corners on Google Pixel 2. Samsung was the one who introduced the rounded corners on the display. Once it came out, other manufacturers like Apple and Google adopted the same 18:9 aspect ratio display. Devices like iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL. were the first to get the rounded corners display.

We’ve seen many attempts to bring rounded corners to the Android devices using apps like Cornerfly. But it seems there is no such luck and once Android Oreo came out it becomes impossible. However, we have a good news for owners of Google Pixel 2, they can still use Cornerfly to get rounded corners on Google Pixel 2. But keep one thing in your mind, due to SystemUI restrictions on Android Oreo Cornerfly will get the half Job done. Now in order to complete the Job, we’ll be using Minimal ADB and Fastboot commands. Let’s tell you how?

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rounded corners on Google Pixel 2

How to get rounded corners on Google Pixel 2:

Before we proceed, you need to get the followings thing done. Keep that in mind this tutorial is only for Google Pixel 2 because latest SystemUI restrictions are only introduced for Google Pixel devices.

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Edit “RounderCorners” class:

Below are the commands which you need to change the round size of the corner. Basically, we are setting a platform for Cornerfly.

  • Run the command
    adb shell settings put secure sysui_rounded_size 26.0
  • Run the command
    adb shell settings put secure sysui_rounded_content_padding 8.0

Use Cornerfly to get rounded corners:

  • Frist, you need to download and Install the Cornerfly app from the link below.
Price: Free
  • Launch the Cornerfly app and grant it Usage access.
  • As soon as you grant permission, you’ll be able to see the rounded corners.
  • Now in order to get different variable sizes, you need to use in-app purchase to unlock.
  • If you want to change the appearance of rounded corners for individual apps, you need to head over to the applications.

That’s all. The values we used in while editing the RounderCorners class are set by default on the Google Pixel 2 XL. So, using the same values will give you rounded corners on Google Pixel 2.

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