How to install APK on Remix OS Player from PC


Jide has released an Android emulator based on its newly famed Remix OS. The emulator has been named as Remix OS Player and it emulates Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on a Windows PC. Remix OS Player is based on Android x86 project. Remix OS Player is useful for those who do not want to go through hard and fast rules of installing the Remix OS through a USB stick or through a VM Ware. The Remix OS Player has made it way easy for users to get a glimpse of this emulator and run their desired Android games and apps for PC.

Remix OS Player brings the Google Play Store pre-installed. Unfortunately, the Play Store installations are not working in the very first release of the Remix OS Player. Jide seems to have this issue fixed in the alpha release of the Remix OS Player but there still are users wondering how to install APK files on the Remix OS Player since it doesn’t come with an APK installer just like BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 does. Installing APK file is not only helpful when the Google Play Store isn’t working for you, but it also useful when you have an APK placed somewhere in your PC and you don’t want to go through the process of downloading it again on in your Remix OS Player. Remix OS Player allows APK installation if you have an APK file inside the emulator just like you do on your Android smartphone, but just in case you want to install an APK file from your PC, what are you going to do in that case?

Well, that is what we have sorted out. It is incredibly easy to install APK files on Remix OS Player from a PC. It involves going through a nifty trick. All you have to do is to download an APK file to your PC.

How to install APK on Remix OS Player from PC

  1. Download and install Remix OS Player on your PC.
  2. Open the Remix OS Player on your PC.
  3. Have the APK file downloaded somewhere on your PC.
  4. Now drag and drop the APK file onto the Remix OS Player home-screen.apk-installation
  5. Remix OS Player’s APK installer will pop up showing you “Installing APK” message.apk-installer-2
  6. Wait for a while and let it finish installing the APK.
  7. Once the APK installer vanishes, open the app drawer on your Remix OS Player from the lower left corner.
  8. Scroll down and your newly installed application should appear at the end. That’s all.apk-installer-3



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  1. And it does not work for me. Does not allow any file to move.

    These commands became no problem.
    adb devices
    adb install ***.apk

    I do not remember just where I downloaded this mini program (adb). It’s just unique and so small. “adb.exe”, “AdbWinApi.dll”, “AdbWinUsbApi.dll” and “fastboot.exe”. Maybe just the first file is enough.

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