Download Deodexed and Rooted Remix OS for PC


Jide recently released its much hyped Remix OS. Remix OS is just a great improvement over the traditional Android emulators. Unlike the ordinary emulators, Remix OS allows the users to enjoy the full Android OS running in the form of a whole new and independent OS inside their Windows and Mac PCs. Remix OS runs as a complete Android device inside a computer. Users can enjoy the Android OS in HD graphics running over a beautiful UI. Android games and applications have never been this awesome on any other emulator before. Remix OS for PC has all the features such as Multitasking, Taskbar, Notifications, Keyboard, makes the use of your mouse’s right click, File Manager, Google Play Services and also is capable of performing live updates. What else you’d need in an Android device? Ain’t it a complete package? Well, Remix OS is a pure treat for those who’ve been longing to get an Android device. They can now get a virtual Android device with all the core features of Android inside their personal computers.1453359882184_42msdu_en2-1

Like an Android device, the Remix OS can be rooted and also made deodexed as well. A deodexed and rooted Remix OS will just act as a normal rooted Android smartphone. You can download and install all the root-specific applications like Titanium Backup, Greenify, Root Explorer and many others on a rooted Remix OS. Having a Deodexed Remix OS has its own perks as well. We’re pretty certain that Android geeks won’t be able to keep themselves away from having a rooted and deodexed Remix OS. To fulfil the appetite of such Android enthusiasts, a rooted and deodexed version of Remix OS has been put up on the XDA-developers forum by a senior member janjan. It’s available in the form of an ISO file. You can simply download the ISO file and install it as the normal Remix OS. The download link and the guide to install Remix OS (Rooted+Deodexed) are attached below. Go ahead in order to get that done.

Here are some details about this version:

– Made from official. iso beta Version: 2.0.102-Mar 1st 2016
– Rooted with latest SuperSU RW-working
– With Busybox
– Deodexed with API-Level 22 [Framework, /system/app & /system/priv-app] – Zipalign all apk files to optimize Ram usage with latest SDK
– Add AdAway-release_Build-Oct.09.2015 No ad, no malware, no spyware, bloatware

Download Deodexed and Rooted Remix OS for PC [64-bit]

  1. Download ROOTED-DEODEXED-Remi… file. Extract the downloaded .zip file to get the .ISO file.
  2. Install the downloaded Remix OS using the following guide.
  3. If your Remix OS doesn’t have Google Play Store, you can install it using this guide.
  4. That’s all.
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