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The OnePlus One has won the premium space in the air,  since the time it made its way to the rumor mills, first for being some new high end smartphone, and then for breaking the trend pricing the smartphones at a higher cost. OnePlus One sports the top-notch specifications that anyone would easily fall for, the device is beautiful as well. Usually, the more beautiful the smartphone is, and the more top-notch specs it has, manufacturers are known for pricing the device at maximum, but OnePlus One has done the opposite here.

OnePlus one sports a 5.5 inches full HD display (1920 x 1080p). To power up the device, the manufacturer has used Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz that is accompanied by Adreno 330 GPU while the RAM is ranged at 3 GB. The device comes with either 16 GB internal storage or 64 GB internal storage. There’s a 13 MP shooter at the back and a 5 MP shooter on the front while a massive battery of 3100 mAh is placed under the hood. These are quite impressive specs, aren’t they? Well, these definitely will leave you in shock when you come to know the price OnePlus is demanding. The 16 GB variant costs just $300, 64 GB variant costs $350.

To add charm to OnePlus One’s display, the manufacturer has loaded the device with some eye-catching and beautiful wallpapers. Just in case you come across these wallpapers, you may want to download em’ and set em’ up on your Android device. Before you start looking out for these, we’ve already finished your job, and collected the stock wallpapers of OnePlus One. Just go ahead, and pick up your favorite wallpaper, save it and set on your phone, or download all the wallpapers from our all in one file linked below.

Lock Screen Wallpapers:

OnePlusOne_LockScreen (1)

OnePlusOne_LockScreen (10)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (11)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (12)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (13)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (14)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (9)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (8)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (7)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (6)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (5)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (2)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (1)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (3)OnePlusOne_LockScreen (4)


Home Screen Wallpapers:

HomeScreen_OnePlusOne Stock (1)HomeScreen_OnePlusOne Stock (2)HomeScreen_OnePlusOne Stock (3)HomeScreen_OnePlusOne Stock (4)HomeScreen_OnePlusOne Stock (5)

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