Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones: Step by Step Guide


China is very crucial when it comes to the policies it has towards the outside world. They are following the same pattern for the tech world and the country is not very supportive towards the outside tech giants. This is the reason why they have there own search engines and Social Media networks.

We will see the same pattern when it comes to the Smartphones coming from China. One of the biggest difference you are going to notice in the Android Smartphones is the absence of Google Play Store. YESSS! There are no traces of Google Play Store in the Chinese Smartphones along with any apps available in Google Play Store only.

Such restrictions will work for the users as long as they are in China. But as soon as the smartphones leave China or you get hands on a Chinese Smartphones it becomes almost impossible to use them. It is because of the fact that Google Play Store is the biggest Application repository available worldwide. Moreover, most of the everyday apps are released on Google Play Store making it equally important as well.

If you recently bought a Chinese Android Smartphone and there were no traces of Google Play Store on it then there is no need to worry. This is not something to be worried about because of the restrictions China has for the tech giants outside the country. In addition to that, like most of the issues out you can also fix it with some simple steps.

Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones

Now, if you are looking for a way to Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones then you came to the right spot. The method we are going to discuss will work for all users of any Android Smartphone including installing Google Play Store on Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and other Chinese Android Smartphones. Follow the Guide given below and Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones.

Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones [No Root Required]

Follow the steps given below and Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones with no root required. So, no matter which phone you are using follow the guide given below and enjoy your Google Play store on Chinese Smartphone.

  1. Since the Google Play Store also comes in the APK format just like any other Android app, So Download Google Play Store Latest APK here.
  2. Now, remove some security barriers on your phone in order to enable the APK installation. To, do that follow the steps given below.
    1. Go to Settings on your Android Smartphone.
    2. Find Security/Privacy, and open it.
    3. Enable the checkbox next to Unknown Sources. It will Allow the installation of apps outside of Google Play Store(this APK).
  3. Now, Go to the File Manager on your Android Phone and trace the APK File you just downloaded in the First step.
  4. Open the APK file by tapping on it and allow all the on-screen permissions. It will automatically start the installation process. Let the process completely finish and it will automatically install all the necessary services required.
  5. You are successful in the process to Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones using the APK method. If the Google Play Store is not available then worry no more and Reboot your device to start using it.

That’s all for How to Download Google Play Store on Chinese Smartphones with simplest and most precise Guide possible. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks because we at OScrunch are trying our best to give you the best solutions to your issues and all the latest things going on around the globe.

All your feedback and suggestions are welcome through comments, So feel free to do some!

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  1. Hi, I have followed the procedure and installed play store on my huawai
    Model GLK-AL00
    EMUI 9.1.0
    Android 9

    However when I click on the play store application, only a white screen flashes for a fraction of a second and nothing happens. Please advise

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