Download Aptoide APK – Play Store Alternative for Huawei and Honor


Huawei and Honor smartphone owners, you can download the Aptoide APK from here. The latest version of Aptoide APK is here. Aptoide is one of the best Google Play Store alternatives for your Huawei and Honor devices.

Aptoide is a third-party app store for Android phones. Just like the Play Store, Aptoide also has millions of Android apps. In fact, all the apps that you see in the Play Store, you will see them in the Aptoide store too. The apps that have been removed from the Play Store or never made it to the Play Store, you can find those apps on the Aptoide store too. To cut it short, Aptoide is one of the best Play Store alternatives out there.

Play Store Ban in China

Since you all know that the Google Play Store is going away from the Huawei and Honor phones, you need to find an alternative of the Play Store as soon as possible. Just today, the news mills had it that Huawei is in talks with Aptoide to replace the Play Store on its phones. 

We are not sure when Huawei will opt for the Aptoide officially, but if you don’t want to wait, you can download and install Aptoide right now.

I’m sure that you want to learn a little more about Aptoide, so let me tell you how it works.

Aptoide – A Great Play Store Alternative

Aptoide is a platform for all. Whether you are a developer, an average Android user, or a gamer, you will find resources for yourself at the Aptoide store.

Aptoide claims to have 200 Million+ users at the moment, which is possible keeping in view the number of users who cannot access the Play Store. 

Developers can create their accounts on Aptoide, and then create mini-stores to share their apps. Aptoide doesn’t have a very strict screening process like the Play Store. So, if your app was rejected on the Play Store, there are very bright chances that you can publish it on the Aptoide.

Aptoide APK

For the users, Aptoide has got all the apps and games sorted into their respective categories. It shows you the most popular apps and games too. As far as my own experience is concerned, I found Aptoide much more user-friendly as compared to the Play Store. 

Aptoide is secure!

Being a third-party app store doesn’t make Aptoide less secure. The development team of Aptoide keeps an eye on all the apps. They verify each and every single app and add a security mark. So, if an app has a security shield, you can trust it, but you will have to be a little careful with the apps without security shields.

The download process of Aptoide is a bit different from the Play Store. It first downloads the setup (APK) files of apps on your phone and then installs them. This is a little bit of a downside, but if it gives you all the apps that you would expect from the Play Store, and can’t access the Play Store, then I guess, this downside shouldn’t really be a downside.

Furthermore, Aptoide is the world’s first App Store to accept cryptocurrencies. You can use the AppCoin to purchase apps on the Aptoide store. If you don’t have USDs to buy any Android apps or games, get some AppCoins and get them.

Download Aptoide APK

  1. Aptoide APK May 2019 Download Link
  2. Copy the Aptoide APK to your phone.
  3. Using a File Manager, launch the Aptoide APK and install it.
  4. Follow all of the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  5. From the App Drawer, launch the Aptoide app now.
  6. Accept all the permissions.
  7. You will see all the apps and games now.
  8. Start downloading anything now. That’s all.

Wrap Up

That’s all. I know that Aptoide cannot fulfill the space of the Play Store, but it’s better to have something than nothing. The Aptoide store is better than many other Google Play Store rip-offs. Also, in this time of disaster that Huawei Technologies is going through, apps like Aptoide can help you keep up with it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the Aptoide store below. We would love to hear from you. 


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