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Android P Stock Wallpapers are out. The Android P Stock Wallpapers can be downloaded from here now. These wallpapers are in Full HD resolution and can be applied to any Android handset. The Android P Stock Wallpapers can be used on an iOS phone as well.

Just yesterday, Google rolled out the Android P Developer Preview. While companies are still unable to update their flagships to Android Oreo, Google has already started its homework on the Android P. With every new iteration of the Android OS, Google keeps on improving and improvising as well. The Android P Developer Preview gives us a hint that there is going to be interesting stuff in the upcoming version of Android.

Android P is all set to introduce some core changes in the Android system and also a number of graphical changes. It will be more secure and probably will fix all the flaws that are there in the Android Oreo. From the early pictures that have surfaced over the web, it looks like Google is renovating the notifications panel. There are new icons and completely new UI for the toggles in the notification panel. The notifications are revamped with the support for showing images and stickers from apps.

Android P will also restrict the idle apps from accessing the phone’s camera and mic. If you have been a victim of Facebook showing you the ads according to your everyday conversation, then you will probably find this feature useful. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and others, in their idle, mode, will not be able to access the hardware components of your device.

Android P is also bringing better performance. It’s also pulling off battery enhancements to run better on the phones now. The 9th version of Android will be out as we approach the 4th quarter of 2018. Till then, Google will release several Developer Previews which will keep dropping hints about what’s new in the Android P.

Download Android P Stock Wallpapers

Have a look at the stock wallpapers of the Android P now. There are 18 wallpapers in total. Go ahead and download Android P Stock Wallpapers now.

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