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When it comes to picking up the best free Scanner Apps, the options trim down to only a few. We have picked up the best free Document Scanners for Android. These are the best Document Scanners for Android in 2019.

Document Scanners for Android have changed the way we used to save documents. Back in the day, Android users captured the pictures of documents to save in the phone’s gallery. The captured pictures were dull, dark, tainted, and whatnot. With the passage of time, new Android apps came into being which massively improved the ecosystem. The scanner applications were also a part of Android’s revolution. Document Scanners for Android did not only change the way we used to save the documents, but they also negated the use of the big computer scanners. Your Android smartphone can now act as a portable scanner. As of today, there are hundreds of Scanner Apps for Android. Before you take a look at the apps, let’s learn a little bit more about this technology.

Document Scanners for Android

Document Scanners for Android – How things changed?

Applications like WhatsApp these days have become a primary medium of exchanging documents with your friends and family. Most of the users would just capture a picture of a document and send it to someone on WhatsApp or just save it on their phone for the record. A normally captured picture is nothing more than a picture, or to put it clearly, it just doesn’t have that essence of a document. Although the cameras on Android phones eased up the lives of consumers, there still was a room for improvement.

This gap was filled by applications like Camscanner. The Camscanner and other similar applications shoot a picture and then edit the picture to make it look like an officially scanned document. You can’t really tell the difference between a document scanned by a traditional scanner and a picture scanned by one of these applications.

What’s good here is that the modern scanner applications for Android can combine a series of documents. These applications can also convert a picture into a PDF document. Users can print the scanned documents on the go. They can also fax the scanned documents. Options to email the documents and upload are also there in some of these apps. To cut it short, these apps are complete document solutions.

Moreover, the apps offer a number of color effects to add to your scanned document. There are some filters which will make your scanned document resemble the real document. To digitally transform the documents on an Android phone, these Scanners are a great tool.

What can you scan with Document Scanners for Android?

  • Important documents like property papers, agreements etc.
  • Invoices can be scanned for your record.
  • You can scan Receipts to save copies.
  • Tickets can be scanned so that you do not need to carry around the hard copies.
  • Exam papers, date sheets, and DMC can be scanned too.
  • And a lot more.

There is a whole bunch of Scanner applications for Android ecosystem today. Every new application tries to offer something new. There is a great competition going on between the developers. To find the best Scanner app for your Android phone, take a look at the best possible options listed below.

Document Scanners for Android 2019

#1. CamScanner

With over a hundred million downloads, CamScanner is the first and foremost choice of the users. There is a number of reasons which make this application so much popular. This application is designed to serve its straight forward purpose. CamScanner is arguably the best choice for users who are looking for Document Scanners for Android.

Document Scanners for Android

When you open CamScanner on your phone, it presents you with a screen showing the menus and a camera button at the bottom. To start scanning the document, simply press the camera button. The CamScanner will now ask you to capture the document, instructions will be given on the screen.

Document Scanners for Android

After capturing the document, users can add a filter of their choice. The scanned documents go to the repository of CamScanner. To access your documents and extended options, simply open the All docs menu. This is where users will find the options to convert documents into PDF or print from the application. Furthermore, users can add watermarks and annotations to the scanned documents.

#2. HP Smart

The second choice in our list is the HP Smart application. HP Smart is basically HP’s companion application for its printers. The reason to put it here in this list is that I am personally impressed by this app. Apart from all the printing options, it has a scan option. Tapping the scan option launches the camera. Users can manually scan a document or chose the auto scan option. After scanning the document, the application asks about the format of scanned documents. This is where users can select JPG or PDF format. It doesn’t offer any filters. It tries to keep the scanned documents as real as possible. The scanned documents can be emailed or shared via other mediums. HP Smart is also a completely free application.

Document Scanners for Android

#3. Adobe Scan

If you are a fan of PDFs, and you want all of your documents to be converted to PDFs after scanning this is the application you need. Adobe Scan, an official application by Adobe, is one of the best in business. Adobe has a name when it comes to PDFs. Whether you want to create, edit, or manage PDFs, you will find Adobe’s products topping the lists. Adobe Scan is also a very simple application with the least number of options. The application scans your document right when you open it. The scanned document can be cropped or rotated. There are 4 color options; Original Photo, Auto Color, Grayscale, and Whiteboard. The documents can be saved as PDF.

Document Scanners for Android

#4. Clear Scan

Clear Scan or ClearScanner falls at number 4 in our list. This application offers a Scanner having the OCR integration. OCR stands for optical character recognition. It can detect text in your documents and pull that text out for you to copy. Clear Scan can scan the existing images from your phone or scan new images using your phone’s camera. Color options in Clear Scan are limited. Overall, this is a light application built to serve its purpose well.

Document Scanners for Android

#5. Scanbot

Scanbot is an all-in-one scanning solution. It scans your documents to created PDFs and JPGs. Apart from this, it has a QR Code scanner, Bar code scanner, and OCR feature. Users can scan multiple pages and then create one PDF including all those pages. Scanbot also offers an automatic upload feature. It can upload the files to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and all other such drives. Scanbot is also one of the lightest scanners for Android.

Document Scanners for Android

#6. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner, as its name suggests, is meant to quickly scan the documents. The app developers suggest this to be the fastest Android scanner. It’s a great tool to quickly transform your notes, receipts, invoices, business cards, whiteboards, and paper.s You can also extract the text out of papers. There are absolutely no limits in this application. Users can scan unlimited documents and create unlimited PDFs.

Document Scanners for Android

#7. Simple Scan

The idea of portable scanners gets a little better with the the Simple Scan app. This an application with zero complexity. It offers a handful of processing modes for the documents. It has the color, grayscale, or black and white formats options. There are 5 contrast levels for monochrome text in this app. It offers a really nice edge detection to to avoid quality loss. If you want to protect your documents with a password, this app will help you to add those passwords to the PDFs. Furthermore, it offers a custom page size i.e. A4, Legal, and Letter. Simple Scan, despite having the word simple in its name, offers a variety of options to make your document management easy.

Document Scanners for Android

#8. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is very similar to the Simple Scan applicatoin. It also has 3 color modes including grayscale, color, and black & white. It is also designed to perform a perfect edge detection. There are over 5 levels of contrast for monochrome here. The documents are sorted nicely in the list view or in the thumbnail view. Documents can be protected with a password. Tiny Scanner is designed to run quickly. This is the lightest portable scanner application for Android.

Document Scanners for Android

#9. Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens is the Document Scanner by Microsoft. The application comes with some really interesting modes to enhance the documents. This application has a Whiteboard which straightens the documents, removes the glare and shadows. There is a document mode which is meant to make the documents readable. The business card mode can extract information from the business cards since it uses OCR. There is a photo mode which simply captures a document and uploads it to OneNote. Office Lens can link your scanned documents with other Microsoft tools like MS Word and Powerpoint. The edge detection in this application is impressive.

Document Scanners for Android

#10. WPS Office + PDF

WPS Office is a complete package for documents on your Android device. The WPS Office comes with a number of tools to compete the Microsoft Office. It integrates the Scanner and OCR too. It is a good tool to give your scanned documents a professional look. PDFs out of your scanned documents can be generated easily. The docs can be shared via email, WhatsApp, and can be uploaded to cloud storage too. If you are looking for an all in one package, you may consider getting the WPS Office.

Document Scanners for Android

Wrap Up

That’s all with the best free Document Scanners for Android. If you have anything to add to this list, feel free to drop it below. For any queries and suggestions, reach out to us via the comments section.

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