Do The Ripple Effect In TikTok [ How To ]


Let me tell you how you can do the Ripple Effect In TikTok on iOS and Android. Nowadays, everyone is sitting at home and they have nothing to do except to use their smartphones and what is better then TikTok to spend time in this pandemic.

Ripple Effect In TikTok

If you are among them then you are well aware of the TikTok effects and among them, there is one which is getting popular nowadays. I am talking about the Ripple Effect In TikTok and today I will tell you in my post how to do Ripple Effect In TikTok.

Without uncertainty, the ripple effect is probably the most ideal approaches to add a wow factor to your recordings. The smooth water-like waves even give a pinch of romance to the clips. In any case, there’s still no local alternative to do it.

There’s no motivation to stress, however. On the off chance that you need to realize how to do this effectively, we have you secured. How about we ripple directly into the methods and requirements.

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You need to know:

This article expects that you’ve just downloaded and introduced TikTok. Similarly as significantly, ensure the application’s refreshed on your Android or iOS gadget.

Besides, you should refresh the cell phone’s product too and have over half a charge on your battery. This is on the grounds that the effect requires some figuring power that is generally battery serious. All things considered, you’re effectively shooting a video by means of a web-based application.

With this as a primary concern, you ought to likewise have a consistent Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, the ripple probably won’t be as smooth as you anticipate it.

It’s likewise conceivable to do the TikTok ripple effect on your tablet. Be that as it may, the procedure is a lot trickier, so it’s ideal to adhere to smartphones.

That off the beaten path, it’s a great opportunity to get serious.

How to Do The Ripple Effect In TikTok:

The following are the two methods that you can use to add the Ripple Effect in TikTok. I have tried both and they work perfectly.

It doesn’t matter what method you should choose, what matters is that you should shoot video in slow motion at about 0.5 speed. That is the main task.

Method 1:

  • Launch the TikTok application on your smartphone. For instance purposes, in this article, I am using TikTok for iOS. However, the means are the equivalent on Android devices.
  • Hit the + symbol to include another video and afterward select the speed symbol to begin recording in slow motion. The speed bar springs up at the base of the screen and you have to tap on “0.5x”
  • Press the record to fasten and pick the recording term. The 60s alternative may work better, however, you can get snappy ripples at 15s.
  • While recording, you ought to rapidly move/shake your telephone towards and away from the item, you’re attempting to record. What’s more, presto, your video with the gradually expanding influence ought to be prepared to post.

Method 2:

  1. Open TikTok, hit the + symbol, and record a video in slow motion. As stated, you don’t have to move or shake by any means, simply shoot and spare the recording in your Gallery or Camera Roll.
  2. Access Video Star, select the video, and hit Edit for more activities. Above all, you have to tap “Make Video” for the application to create an editable recording.
  3. Presently, select “Quick Split Scene” and pick where you need the split. At that point tap “New” and pick “Re-Effect”. Select the amplifying focal point symbol to start the effect search, and type squirm into the inquiry bar.

There you go, that is it for adding the Ripple Effect In TikTok. Please give it a try and let me know how did it go for you.

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