Block Inappropriate Websites on Android [ Tips ]


This is a complete guide on how to block Block Inappropriate Websites on Android. Also, How to Block Adult Content on Android devices.

Smartphones are the basic necessity of our daily life, they are getting more and more popular. Although it seems good in many ways, there are other facts that we cannot ignore. Since everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so everyone can easily access the internet. Even kids can use tablets and smartphones these days, once they have access to the Internet, they can open anything like anything. To be more specific, Adult content, Violent Video Content and more.


Block Inappropriate Websites

A Tablet, Smartphone, and an active Internet Connection can easily lead children’s to pornography. There is no restriction on any Website to block porn for children, we have to do it by ourselves. However, make them stop using a Smartphone won’t be of help.

You have to take some strict measures to make sure you have Blocked Inappropriate Websites on your smartphones. Seems not everyone knows how to do so, we will help you block Adult content on Android. Follow the instructions provided below and you will learn it.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Android:

1: Enable Safe Search

Let’s start with the Safe Search Option, this will do the trick for you. In order to make sure that your kids do not open any sort of adult content while they were browsing the Web. Safe Search Option is available for both Google Play Store and Chrome.

  • Open Google Play Store -> Tap on 3lines -> Settings -> Parental Controls -> Turn it on -> Setup a PIN.
  • Launch Google App -> More -> Settings -> Accounts & privacy -> Turn on SafeSearch.
  • Head over to Chrome -> Click on Search Settings -> Turn on Safe Search.

Once both settings are turned on. Try searching Adult content on your device and you will see it will prevent you from you doing it.

2: Use OpenDNS

This is the best way to block Inappropriate and porn Websites. Moreover, the good thing about OpenDNS is, it is not limited to only Porn, it will also help you block illegal activity, video sharing, and more. Also, use OpenDNS is pretty simple even a layman can do it.

However, if you have enabled data saver settings, Open DNS settings won’t work for you. Once you are connected to an Internet connection, you will be using their ISP’s DNS. But when you will replace them with the Open DNS, every request made from your device will first pass through OpenDNS server. If they find it inappropriate, they will block it and you won’t be able to access it.

  • Head over to Settings -> WiFi -> Selec your connected network -> Advance Option -> Change DNS Setting.

Now add the following DNS and save the Settings.

  1. DNS 1:
  2. DNS 2:

Before we move on let tell you a bit more about Open DNS. They have a very big team working behind the scene whenever a new Porn Website makes its way to the World Wide Web. This new URL is automatically gets updated in the OpenDNS. Moreover, create a free account on Open DNS, set your own filters. Also, you can use Open DNS settings on your router as well, through this, Adult content will be blocked on devices connected to your router.

The only downside to Open DNS is, anyone, can bypass these settings by using a VPN or Proxy. Moreover, it is easy to change the Open DNS on your device.

3. Use CleanBrowsing app

If Open DNS didn’t do any good for you, I think it’s time to use CleanBrowsing app on your Android devices. This app blocks all the Adult content while you are browsing through CleanBrowsing app. Also, it is available for PC, it uses the DNS server to block porn websites on the Internet.

But we recommend the CleanBrowsing App because it is easy to use and will do the work for you. You may have one issue, it’s a new app and right now privacy is not that good. But since we want our kids to use this app, privacy won’t be a concern.

  • Download and Install the CleanBrowsing App from the links given above.
  • Open it and head over to the Settings -> Password protection -> Set Password.

4. Norton Family parental control:

I am sure you all are familiar with the name Norton, I think it is the best solution and since it from Norton. The trust rate will through the roof, Norton Family parental control will monitor all the browsing history of your Kids. You can easily block Inappropriate Websites with 40+ filters such as pornography, gambling, social networking, violence, etc.

The one feature I like the most, you will get a detailed report of your Kid internet activities straight to your mailbox.

That’s all for now. This is how you can Block Inappropriate Websites on Android. Please do tell you what you think about these tricks and apps. Also, It would be very nice, If you Share this article with friends and Join Techbeasts on Facebook and Twitter.

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