Apps open on their own on Samsung Galaxy S8 and other phones – FIXED


Are the apps opening on their own on the Galaxy S8 or any other Samsung phone? Well, if so, you have reached the right place to fix it. Recently, a user reported on Reddit about his Galaxy S8 opening the apps on its own. Soon after the post, a handful of other users reported the same problem on their phones. It turned out that it was a common issue and it was very easy to fix too. So, before you fix the apps open on their own on Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s important to know what’s causing this problem.

Apps open on their own on Samsung Galaxy S8
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Apps keep opening on Galaxy S8 – What’s causing this?

All the Galaxy S8 owners who reported this problem, they had one thing in common. All of them had their phones paired with the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a smart relay feature. The purpose of this smart relay feature is to show you details for a notification that just popped up on your Galaxy Gear. For example, you just got a message on WhatsApp and you saw it on your Galaxy Watch. When you will pick up your phone after that, the Smart Relay feature will show you that WhatsApp message’s details on the screen of your phone. It basically automatically expands the details for the notifications. This Smart Relay feature was the culprit behind opening the apps on their own every few minutes. The users had to turn off Smart Relay on their phones to get rid off this feature.

Apps open without my asking from r/GalaxyS8

At this moment, Samsung has not given any appropriate solution to this problem. Yes, the Smart Relay’s functionality will be lost by turning it off, but if you don’t want the apps to keep popping up, this is the only solution you have got right now. As you move forward in this post, you will find steps to turn off Samsung Smart Relay. This will fix the apps open on their own on Samsung Galaxy S8 right away.

Apps open on their own on Samsung Galaxy S8 – How to fix

On your phone, open Galaxy Wearable application on your phone.

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications > Smart Relay.
  2. Turn off Smart Relay.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. The apps will not open without your permission now. That’s all.
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