How to Delete Apps on iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus

If you are new iOS ecosystem and don’t know how to delete apps on iPhone 7 then you have come to right place. Follow the instruction below.

Apple is a bit complex and most of the new users take the time to get to know everything, the most common thing on any smartphone is that you need to install apps and then delete them. The day Apple released their first device to the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, the method to delete the apps are same as it was.

How to Delete Apps From iPhone 7

Before we start, Let me tell you few things. There are two methods to delete apps from iPhone 7, First is through home screen and other is from settings.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus:

Method1: From Home Screen:

How to Delete Apps From iPhone 7

Step1: Unlock your device and go to the home screen page from where you want to delete the apps.

Step2: Now Tap and Hold any app icon for 2 seconds, you’ll see all the icon will start to wiggle.

Step3: Once your icons start wiggling, you’ll see an X will appear on the icon top left corner.

Step4: Tap the X on the app you want to uninstall.

Step5: When you tap on X, you’ll see a confirmation pop-up ( Delete – Cancel ). Tap on delete to proceed with the uninstallation process.

Method#2: From Settings

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap on General.
  • Tap on “Storage & iCloud Usage” or “Usage”.
  • Tap on Manage Storage.
  • Tap on Delete.

This will be all, This is how you delete apps on iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 Plus. Please let us know if you face any issue regarding this guide.


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