Turn your Mac’s internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot


Now-a-days everybody has a Wi-Fi connection at home or at office, because in our daily life we can’t live without internet. You’ll get Wi-Fi in hotels, Malls, Airplane and Airport etc. It’s a good thing but you’ll not get it for free, you’ve to pay a penny or dime to get a Wi-Fi connection. Then there will be a limit and of course, different prices for different speed. So, today I’ll tell you how you can save money and use one connection for your Macbook and Smartphones.

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How to share your Mac’s internet connection with your iPhone:

  • Click on the  menu on your Macbook.
  • Now select System Preferences.
  • Click on Sharing Icon.
  • Now Select Wi-Fi from checkmark list.
  • From sidebar list at your left tick Internet Sharing.
  • Now click on start when a pop-up appear on your screen.

Now your Macbook will be working as a Hotspot, you can connect your iPhone, iPad and other devices on which you can use Wi-Fi. Even you can connect your Macbook to this connection, here you do not need for an extra connection and you can change your Macbook name for the menu setting. When you’ll search for Wi-Fi your Macbook name will appear as a connection just select it. Your device will be connected in a few seconds. If you face any kind of issue please do tell me in comments. Also See:

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