How to transfer Passwords from iPhone to Android


In the modern day, every user has accounts in numerous services. This includes both websites and applications on phones. For example, users may be logged into Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Shazam, Hulu and so many other apps on their iPhone. Now, not everyone remembers these passwords. Therefore, iPhone and Apple users in general user iCloud Keychain. This utility remembers all the passwords for you. This guide shows how to transfer passwords from iPhone to Android device. It covers any kind of password and username login that is saved with iCloud Keychain.

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The advantage and purpose of doing this is basically ease. It is practically impossible to remember all the passwords. Therefore, when shifting from an iPhone to Android, logging into every single app or website requires either using “Forget Password” option or just an amazing memory. Moreover, hardcore Apple users do not venture into the world of third-party password Managers, therefore it is even harder to export.transfer passwords from iPhone to Android icloud keychain

Transfer all App Passwords from iPhone to Android

Lets say for example someone has been using an iPhone for a very long time. Their passwords are all stored in Keychain. Such a time has come that they want to switch to Android (Which is a better choice of course). Content like media, contacts, messages etc are easy to transfer. All of these files are basically there to copy and paste. However, when it comes to shifting passwords from an iPhone to Android phone or tablet, it’s a bit tricky.

There is no default way of doing this. Therefore, we rely on third-party utility for it. Moreover, this works for all iPhone models as well as all Android models like Samsung Galaxy series, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Huawei, Sony and HTC. Other uncommon Android based brands are going to work of course.

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In this method, we are going to use 1Password utility. This is a cross-platform password manager. It has apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Therefore, once someone shifts to it, there is no particular need to switch to any other manager.

When to use this guide?

Before continuing to use this method, make sure that you meet following requirements. Otherwise, you may not be able to complete it.

  • It requires Mac OSX and Keychain utility installed on it.
  • All passwords on your iPhone must be stored in iCloud Keychain account. If not, then just use a third-party password manager and this guide is irrelevant for you.
  • This guide is basically about transferring / copying passwords from iCloud Keychain to Android device. It extracts the passwords from iCloud Keychain account and put them into 1Password account.

Disclaimer: This method involves a third-party utility. Even though it works well, it is not owned by Apple or Android. Therefore, use it at your own risk. Also keep a manual backup in case something goes wrong.

How to transfer Passwords from iPhone to Android – Guide

This process uses the MrC’s Convert to 1Password Utility. It works pretty well and you need to use it on Mac OSX for this guide specifically. Since, iCloud Keychain app on Mac is the base of operation for it.

The utility converts data from iCloud Keychain into 1Password readable form. Once exported, we import it into 1Password Mac App and let it upload. Just use this same account on the Android device and sync all passwords.

transfer passwords from iPhone to Android

1 – Export data from iCloud Keychain to local Keychain

  • Note that you cannot directly export data from iCloud, therefore, first copy data to a local keychain.
  • To do so, open Keychain Access App. Click on File > New Keychain. Name it local-icloud. Remember the password that you enter for local keychain just created.
  • Open the iCloud Keychain under Keychains section. Copy all of its contents on right with cmd + C keys.
  • Paste these items in local-icloud using cmd + V keys.
  • Users need to enter the password for local-icloud keychain on every entry.
  • Alternatively, run following Apple Script by creating new Script file. Run it after you paste the contents. It will automatically enter password every time for you. Replace MYPASSWORD with your newly created password.
    • set keychainPassword to "MYPASSWORD"
      tell application "System Events"
      repeat while exists (processes where name is "SecurityAgent")
      tell process "SecurityAgent"
      set frontmost to true
      if (count of windows) > 0 then
      set window_name to name of front window
      end if
      # keystroke "password"
      keystroke keychainPassword
      delay 0.1
      keystroke return
      delay 0.1
      on error
      -- do nothing to skip the error
      end try
      end tell
      delay 0.4
      end repeat
      end tell
  • If you do not know or understand how to run Applescript, the do it the traditional way instead.
  • Once done, all passwords from iCloud Keychain are copied into newly created local keychain.

2 – Convert into 1Password Readable Form

  • Download this FILE and place it on desktop. Unizip it on desktop. It is important!
  • Next up, locate “” inside it.
  • Run it and select the local-icloud you created in previous section.
  • Enter the password when prompted. This is the password for local-icloud.
  • Once the utility script is completed, you’ll get a .1pif format file on desktop.

3 – Import on 1Password App

  • All the hardwork is basically done at this point!
  • Go ahead and install 1Password App on your Mac. (Link)
  • Make an account and login with it.
  • Now click on Import option in menu.
  • Select the .1pif file created in previous step.
  • It will automatically upload all passwords to your account.

4 – Install 1Password on Android

  • Open Play Store on your Android device and install 1Password app. (Link)
  • Login with the same credentials as step 3.
  • It will automatically sync all the passwords and usernames for you.

Note: Note that this method may not be able to copy all the content from iCloud Keychain. It is because of certain restrictions set by Apple. Therefore, transfer that data manually, in case there is any.


This method is specifically for those who use Apple products and store all passwords and usernames on Keychain iCloud. At the end of this guide, all passwords are transferred from iCloud Keychain to Android. The good bit is that it is a third-party password manager. Therefore, from here on out, use it with almost any platform. Enjoy the freedom!

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Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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