Set/Fix Permissions On Android Devices- How To Guide


You cannot enjoy the Android OS, no matter which version, until you root your device. The Power of freedom you get after rooting your device unlocks doors to another world far away from Google Play Store and Faulty Firmware updates. Rooting is another level which allows enjoy the Experience the next-Level tweaking. Being the owner of Rooted Android device gives the advantage, where you can extract the best performance of your device. You can Flash Custom Kernels, Mods, Modems, Themes and Patches, thus leaving things the way you want to be.



The open Source Feature or should I say Attribute allows developers to create the Richest things for your Android devices. Their Hard-Work allows us to enjoy the Features that you seen in other devices, in your own. Sometimes,  Some Mods and Ports requires a little more effort then only installing, you have to set Permissions for them, you need to Change the Read and Write Rule to make sure the app works. This Type of Knowledge removes most of the bugs and problems, that mostly users face when they try to Change the Default files of the OS. Today we will share with you an Article, regarding such Knowledge.

Important Things:

If you want to install Custom Mods and stuff on your device, you first need to Root it. You need to install any Explorer, File Manager, who allows you to make changes in the Root folders.

How To Fix Permissions On Android Devices:

  • First download the Apk/File that you want use on your device.
  • Then Copy and Paste it to the Place suggested by the Developer, If it is an app, Push it to system/app Directory.
  • Set Permissions to rw-r-r and Reboot your device, All done.

If you give wrong set of Instructions to the Copied file/app on your Rooted device, you will stuck in Bootloop, to Escape Bootloop, follow:

  • Go to Recovery > Advance and Select “Fix Permissions”.
  • Then “Devlik Wipe Cache”
  • And Reboot your device.


Detailed Step-By-Step Guide.

Copy the Downloaded file to your Phone/Sdcard.

Open root explorer from App Drawer.

To set the Permissions, you must copy the file to the root Directories, like /system/etc/ directory.

Now Tap and Hold on to the File, you will see a pop-up.

Tap “Permissions”


Now you will see another pop-up showing the Current Attributes, read (r) write (w) execute (x) rules for that file.

You can Edit it by marking the the Boxes, all you need to do is Owner= Read+Write, Group=Read and Others= Read. Simply rw-r-r.



Unless, the developers gives you the instructions about setting permissions, then and only then edit them Accordingly.

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