List of iPhone XS Max Model Numbers and Differences


This is your guide to identifying which model of the iPhone XS Max you need to buy based on your region. This is an extensive list of iPhone XS Max Model Numbers and differences.

iPhone XS Max

The highlight of Apple’s September 12 launch event was the iPhone XS Max. The biggest and the greatest iPhone for this year is probably the most beautiful handset that Apple has ever made. The iPhone XS Max comes with a whopping 6.5-inches Super AMOLED display surrounded by stainless steel bezels and a glass back. iPhone XS Max follows the design language of the iPhone X. It has the infamous notch stuck right on the front having the front camera shooter and a couple of sensors.

iPhone XS Max Model Numbers

The resolution of the iPhone XS Max’s screen is 1242 x 2688 pixels. The display ratio is 19:9. The nearly bezel-less display looks really stunning on this phone. This phone does have water and dust resistance as well. iPhone XS Max is powered by the A12 Bionic CPU. The CPU here has the support of Apple’s latest 6-core GPU and the Neural Engine. iPhone XS Max has a RAM of 4GB. The storage options are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. It has a battery of 3174 mAh. There is no headphone jack on this phone. It does support wireless charging as well.

iPhone XS Max has a dual 12MP + 12MP shooter at the back. It has a 7MP shooter on the front. According to DxOMark, the iPhone XS Max has the second best camera in the world falling right below the Huawei P20 Pro.

It comes with stereo speakers which are incredible. For instance, playing a game like PUBG Mobile is really amazing on the iPhone XS Max. The sound effects through the stereo speakers of the iPhone XS Max are something that you would want on every single handset.

iPhone XS Max comes in three different colors including Gold, Silver, and Black. Apart from being the biggest iPhone for this year, it also happens to be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever manufactured. The 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max costs around $1400.

iPhone XS Max Model Numbers

There are multiple versions of the iPhone XS Max. Each version is designed for a specific region. If you get your hands on an iPhone XS Max which was not designed for your region in the first place, you are going to face problems. The problems are going to be in the form of connectivity issues. The radio frequencies of the phones are designed according to the network carriers in a region. It is highly unlikely that the network carriers in the US operate on the same frequencies as the network carriers in the UK. So, you have to be extra careful while buying your new iPhone XS Max. But how are you exactly going to identify the iPhone XS Max compatible with your region? Well, this list is what you need. This list will help you to identify the iPhone XS Max you need.

I have collected all the model numbers/variants of the iPhone XS Max and listed them here. I have mentioned the types of networks that they support and also their regions next to the model numbers. Take a look at the list to make your iPhone XS Max purchase a good one.

iPhone XS Max – Global [A2101]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A2101 Global 64GB Silver MT512B/A
A2101 Global 64GB Gold MT522B/A
A2101 Global 64GB Space Gray  MT502B/A
A2101 Global 256GB Silver MT542B/A
A2101 Global 256GB Gold MT552B/A
A2101 Global 256GB Space Gray MT532B/A
A2101 Global 512GB Silver MT572B/A
A2101 Global 512GB Gold MT582B/A
A2101 Global 512GB Space Gray MT562B/A


iPhone XS Max – China/Hong Kong [A2104]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A2104 China/Hong Kong 64GB Silver MT722CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 64GB Gold MT732CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 64GB Space Gray  MT712CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 256GB Silver MT752CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 256GB Gold MT762CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 256GB Space Gray  MT742CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 512GB Silver  MT782CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 512GB Gold MT792CH/A
A2104 China/Hong Kong 512GB Space Gray MT772CH/A


iPhone XS Max – Japan [A2102]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A2102 Japan 64GB Silver MT6R2J/A
A2102 Japan 64GB Gold MT6T2J/A
A2102 Japan 64GB Space Gray MT6Q2J/A
A2102 Japan 256GB Silver MT6V2J/A
A2102 Japan 256GB Gold MT6W2J/A
A2102 Japan 256GB Space Gray MT6U2J/A
A2102 Japan 512GB Silver MT6Y2J/A
A2102 Japan 512GB Gold MT702J/A
A2102 Japan 512GB Space Gray MT6X2J/A


iPhone XS Max – US/Canada – Unlocked & Contract Free [A1921]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A1921 US/Canada 64GB Silver MT5A2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 64GB Gold MT5C2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 64GB Space Gray MT592LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 256GB Silver MT5E2LL/
A1921 US/Canada 256GB Gold MT5F2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 256GB Space Gray MT5D2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 512GB Silver MT5H2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 512GB Gold MT5J2LL/A
A1921 US/Canada 512GB Space Gray MT5G2LL/A


iPhone XS Max – US – At&t [A1921]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A1921 US – At&t 64GB Silver MT5W2LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 64GB Gold MT5X2LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 64GB Space Gray MT5V2LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 256GB Silver MT602LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 256GB Gold MT612LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 256GB Space Gray MT5Y2LL/A,
A1921 US – At&t 512GB Silver MT632LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 512GB Gold MT642LL/A
A1921 US – At&t 512GB Space Gray MT622LL/A


iPhone XS Max – US – T-Mobile [A1921]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A1921 US – T-Mobile 64GB Silver  MT662LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 64GB Gold MT672LL/A,
A1921 US – T-Mobile 64GB Space Gray MT652LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 256GB Silver MT692LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 256GB Gold MT6A2LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 256GB Space Gray  MT682LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 512GB Silver MT6D2LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 512GB Gold MT6E2LL/A
A1921 US – T-Mobile 512GB Space Gray MT6C2LL/A


iPhone XS Max – US – Verizon [A1921]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A1921 US – Verizon 64GB Silver MT6G2LL/A,
A1921 US – Verizon 64GB Gold MT6H2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 64GB Space Gray MT6F2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 256GB Silver MT6K2LL/A,
A1921 US – Verizon 256GB Gold MT6L2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 256GB Space Gray MT6J2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 512GB Silver MT6N2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 512GB Gold MT6P2LL/A
A1921 US – Verizon 512GB Space Gray MT6M2LL/A


iPhone XS Max – US – Sprint [A1921]

iPhone XS Model Number Region Storage Color Apple Part Number
A1921 US – Sprint 64GB Silver MT5L2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 64GB Gold MT5M2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 64GB Space Gray MT5K2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 256GB Silver MT5P2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 256GB Gold MT5Q2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 256GB Space Gray MT5N2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 512GB Silver MT5T2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 512GB Gold MT5U2LL/A
A1921 US – Sprint 512GB Space Gray MT5R2LL/A


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