Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus [Back to factory]


Samsung Galaxy S10 series has broken all previous records of Samsung. The phones are being adored all across the globe now. Samsung has released the phones in over 80 countries as of today. Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus are based on Android OS. Since Android offers a lot of customization, chances are that you are going to unleash the full potential of your Galaxy S10. Before you start playing around with your device, you learn everything about your phone. Learning how to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus is a part of this process too. This guide will show you the method to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus via Samsung Smart Switch and Odin. The stock firmware installation will help you in a number of situations.

Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S10

Before you install stock firmware on your new Galaxy S10, let’s take a look at the offerings of these devices and then learn more about the firmware installation.

Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup includes three phones for this year. There is the Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Plus. These phones have some similarities and a few differences.

The Galaxy S10E comes with a 5.8-inch display. It has a dual 12MP + 16MP camera at the back. A single 10MP camera is there on the front. S10E has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It has a battery of 3100 mAh. This phone has a RAM of 6GB or 8GB with internal storage of 128GB or 256GB.

On the other hand, the S10 has a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen. It has 3 cameras at the back including 12MP + 12MP + 16MP. On the front, the S10 has a single 10MP camera. S10 has a battery of 3400 mAh inside. It has a RAM of 8GB and internal storage of 128GB or 512GB. Galaxy S10 has an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy S10 Plus has a 6.4-inch screen. It has a 4100 mAh battery inside. On the front, this phone has a dual camera including 10MP + 8MP shooters. The remaining specifications of the Galaxy S10 Plus are as same as that of the Galaxy S10.

All these phones are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or the Exynos 9820 SoC. The GPU on these phones is Adreno 640 or Mali-G76 MP12.

As you can see that these phones come with the most powerful spec-sheet till date, there is definitely going to be a lot of experimentation on these. In a matter of a few months, the custom ROM developers will start releasing the ROMs for this phone. It will be rooted too. There is going to be a handful of custom MODs for the Galaxy S10 series. And in the end, Samsung will also roll out the software updates.

To handle all this, you must learn how to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus. If you are still confused, take a look at the reasons listed below to install stock ROM on Galaxy S10.

Why you need to install stock
Firmware on Galaxy S10?

  • To update your phone manually.
  • In order to restore your phone to factory settings.
  • To recover a Samsung Galaxy S10 stuck in bootloop.
  • Flashing stock firmware also hard resets your phone.
  • To unroot a rooted Galaxy S10E/S10/S10 Plus.
  • In order to uninstall a custom ROM from the Galaxy S10.
  • To uninstall any custom MOD from the phone.
  • A custom recovery can be uninstalled via a stock firmware.
  • To fix a Galaxy S10 that has performance issues.
  • Fix a Galaxy S10 that has a poor battery life or S10 having a battery drain issue.
  • Fix a randomly rebooting Galaxy S10 by installing a stock firmware.
  • And many more…

There are two methods to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10. The first method is through Samsung’s official PC Suite which is known as Samsung Smart Switch. The 2nd method is through Odin, which is Samsung’s official flashtool.

If you simply want to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10 just to update it or to perform an emergency software recovery, the method you need to follow the Smart Switch one. To remove any customisations, or to unroot the phone, or to fix a soft-bricked S10, you will use the Odin method.

The Samsung Smart Switch comes with the most basic options. Most part of Smart Switch is self explanatory. Take a look at the Samsung Smart Switch method first.

Steps to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus via Smart Switch

You have to take a few preparatory measures to follow this method. Here is what you have to do.


  • Prepare your Galaxy S10 and your Windows computer. You can also follow this method on a Mac.
  • Backup each and everything on your Galaxy S10.
  • Charge your phone’s battery up to 50% for this process.
  • Use the OEM Data Cable to connect your phone to the computer.

Note: This method cannot be used on a rooted phone. If your S10 is rooted, you can use the Odin method.

How to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10 using Smart Switch

  • First of all, install the Samsung Smart Switch on your computer. Download it from here.
  • Now open Smart Switch.
  • Connect your Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus to the computer. If the phone asks for any permission, allow it.
  • Smart Switch will now detect your phone and show you the options in a while.
  • Now click on the gear icon in Smart Switch at the top-right corner and click on Emergency software recovery and initialization.
  • You will see a screen with two options now. Click on “Device initialization”. This is the option which will initiate software update for your S10.
Update initiating.
  • Now the Device Initialization will begin. First of all, it will show you the available update. After this, it will show you a few disclaimers and also ask you about creating a backup. Go through all screens and in the end you will find the option to start the update.
Software Update Warning.
Firmware Details.
Data backup.
  • After accepting all warnings and reading details, the update will start and show you the progress.
Update in progress.
  • As the update ends, your phone will automatically reboot. Smart Switch will ask you to disconnect the phone and reconnect it.
Update finished.
  • If you created a backup, you may reconnect your phone. Skip reconnecting the phone otherwise. That’s all. Your phone has been updated.

Odin method to install stock firmware on Galaxy S10E/S10/S10 Plus

This is a tricky method. You have to pay full attention to avoid a mishap. Read each and every instruction at least twice in order to make this successful.


  • This method is only for the Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus. It is applicable to all models of these phones.
  • Charge your S10 up to 50%.
  • Backup call logs, messages, contacts, pictures, and everything else.
  • Use only a Windows computer for this process. Odin is not available for Mac.
  • It is recommended to factory reset your Galaxy S10 before using Odin. If you cannot reset, skip this option.
  • You can use Windows 7/8/10.
  • Use the original data cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • On the computer, disable Antivirus and Windows Firewall. This should be done to let Odin run without interruption.

Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging on S10

On your S10 phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Tap the build number 7 times. This will enable the developer options on your phone. Now go back to Settings > Developer options > find the OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging. Turn both these options on. Without these options, Odin will not work.

Required Downloads

  • Open this page. Enter the model number of your Galaxy S10. You will find a list of firmware. Download the latest available firmware.
    • Extract the downloaded firmware file to get AP, CP, BL, CSC or Home_CSC files.
    • CSC file factory resets/wipes your phone. Home_CSC file does not wipe the phone. You can select only one of these in the CSC slot.
Galaxy S10 Stock Firmware
Galaxy S10 Stock Firmware Files – Image used for understanding only.
  • Odin 3.13.1Download
    • Extract the downloaded Odin to get Odin3.exe file.
  • Samsung USB DriversDownload
    • Install the downloaded Samsung USB Drivers for S10.

Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S10 using Odin

  • Open Odin 3.13.1.exe on your computer.
  • In Odin, go to Options > make sure that the options checked are Auto Reboot and F.Reset.time. No other option should be checked.
  • Now get back to the main menu in Odin.
  • Click on the AP slot and add the AP file. Add the BL file to the BL slot. Add the CP file to the CP slot and in the end, add the CSC or Home_CSC file to the CSC slot.
  • Connect the Galaxy S10 USB Cable to your computer.
  • Power down your Galaxy S10 now.
  • While the phone is off, press and hold Volume Down + Bixby button. While keeping the keys pressed, connect the USB Type-C cable to the phone. Make sure that the other end of the cable is connected to the computer. This will boot your S10 in the Download Mode.
  • Odin will now show “Added” in the logs on the left side and also show a Blue light in the ID:COM box.
  • You are all set now. Click on the Start button in Odin.
  • Flashing will start and take about 5 minutes to end.
Galaxy S10 Stock Firmware
Galaxy S10 Stock Firmware – Image used for reference only.
  • Your phone will automatically restart after installation now. That’s all.

Final Words

Congratulations, you have successfully factory reset/fixed/updated/unrooted your Galaxy S10. The phone can easily take up to 10 minutes for the first boot. In case you think that there is something wrong with the phone or If you are still facing some issues with your phone, don’t worry, you haven’t run out of options yet. You can boot your Galaxy S10 into the recovery mode and then wipe its cache. This will refresh everything on your phone and potentially fix any problem if there is one. For any questions and queries, feel free to reach out to us. We will try our best to get back to you. Stay connected.

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