Install Google Camera on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus


Galaxy shooters! The good news is here! Google Camera has been ported for the Samsung Galaxy S10 trio. You can now install Google Camera on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus. Let’s go.

If there is one thing that I love about Google’s Pixel phones, that is the Camera. What phone manufacturers couldn’t achieve with 3 or 4 cameras, Google has achieved that with a single rear camera. In a fast paced world where companies like Huawei and Samsung are trying to put more and more cameras on their phones, Google is beating them all with its one shooter. Its not just the hardware aspect of the Google Camera that is great, the Google Camera is backed by Google’s powerful software optimization.

The hardware of the Google Pixel phones cannot be integrated onto the board of another Android phone, but the software can be ported. This is how all other Android users have been benefitting from Google Camera’s amazing photography modes. Every time a new phone comes out, fans start talking about Google Camera port for that particular phone. The same happened when the Samsung Galaxy S10 series came out.

Google Camera

Triple cameras on the S10, but not that good

Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 deploy a triple-camera setup and the S10E uses a double-camera setup at the back. Despite having the upgraded camera modules, these phones failed to impress masses. The dynamic range on the Galaxy S10 cameras isn’t that good. The colors, as always, are blown out. Samsung’s AI adds too much modification to a picture that it ends up in quality loss. In short, it’s really hard to capture a picture close to reality.

Install Google Camera on Galaxy S10

The problem is not with Samsung’s camera hardware, it is with the software. The image processing is not up to the mark which wipes off that vibrance from the pictures. Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera hardware, when combined with Google camera’s software, achieves perfection.

Google Camera for the Galaxy S10

The early samples of Google Camera app on Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera will leave you awestruck. A clear difference between the pictures taken by Samsung’s stock camera and Google camera can be seen. Google Camera’s Night Mode is way better than Samsung’s Bright Night Mode. Google Pixel’s HDR+ and Portrait Mode can be used on the S10 too. Not only that, the Google Camera can also utilize the ultrawide shooter installed on your Galaxy S10.

So, Samsung Galaxy S10 owners, it’s time to get the Google Camera on your phone. You can unleash the full potential of those camera sensors on your Galaxy S10 by using the Google Camera app. At the time of writing this, the Google Camera app supports Snapdragon version of Galaxy S10 phones only. Basically, the Google Camera uses Hexagon DSP, which exists on the Qualcomm SoCs only. This is why it’s nearly impossible to see the Google Camera on the Exynos-powered Galaxy S10.

If you have a Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10
Plus, it’s time to install the Google Camera on it. Follow the instructions given below to install Google Camera on Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus.

Don’t know what is the SoC of your Samsung Galaxy S10? Check it here in the list of Galaxy S10E/S10/S10 Plus Model Numbers.

Before we install Google Camera on Galaxy S10, let’s not forget to thank cstark27, the XDA Senior Member who ported Google Camera to the Galaxy S10.

You must enable Unknown Sources on your Galaxy S10 to be able to install an APK file.

Install Google Camera on Galaxy S10

Follow these simple steps to get Google Camera on your Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus.

  1. Download Google Camera APK and copy it to your phone.

    Download the Google Camera APK from here. Copy this APK to your phone at a known location.

  2. Download folder with config files and copy it to your phone as well.

    Now download the file from here. Extract the file so that you get the GCam folder. Copy this GCam folder as it is on the root of your phone’s internal storage. It’s path should be like this /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/

  3. Open Google Camera APK from where you copied it on your phone.

    Open the Google Camera APK now to start its installation.

  4. Install Google Camera APK on your S10 now.

    Follow on-screen instructions and finish the Camera APK installation. It will now appear in the application drawer of your phone.

  5. Launch Google Camera and tap black area next to the shutter button.

    Open Google Camera now and then click on the black area next to the shutter button. We want to access some options now so this is important.

  6. Select s10csMar2.xml and then select Restore. Enjoy Google Camera now.

    As you tap on the black area, you will see the options. Click on s10cMar2.xml and then click on Restore. That’s all. You are all set to run Google Camera on your Galaxy S10 now.

That’s all. For any questions related to this guide, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Hi there, may I know how to get access to the phone’s intetnal storage/GCam/Configs? I tried many ways including connect the phone to PC. Is there any file explorer app i can download to access to Internal Storage? Thank you.

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